Privacy Compromised – Social Media Got HackedWhere you socialize, that's where they hit hard.

Social media is place where hacks can take roots. We share our lives there and any attentive person with a malicious intent can use that information to piece together enough material to turn our lives upside down. One of our clients had a tragic event that had initiated from Facebook. She was badly harassed and humiliated with her private information. It would have gotten worse, if she didn’t involve us to help.

She wasn’t quite sure why someone would do this to her. She had always been proper and kind to everyone around her. Even to the people who were strangers. Her social life, online or offline both had been great, with many friends and well wishers. She lived a happy life.

As a pretty young lady, she was quite used to getting proposals. Fairly regularly boys would ask her out, or try to flirt with her. What she usually did is to brush them off. She had her interests. But there were some insistent guys always clamoring for attention. The problem started there.

At first, all of her social media were hacked: Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. And it was done in a way that she didn’t notice anything suspicious. But the criminals were watching and recording her every message of her chats, posts, private photos and videos. They also got access to her browser history.

With all that information, one might think that these hacker would ask for money. But, in this case they didn’t ask for anything. Instead, they used all the private and sensitive information to slander her in public, and destroy her social life. To them, it was some kind of a revenge.

Her folks came to us distraught and not knowing how to deal with this new-age problem.

We knew the severity of the problem at hand and acted swiftly. It didn’t take us long to figure out how the hackers got access to her social media. They used a keylogger and a spyware to do their dirty work. It was a felony. So, first we secured her emails, social media accounts and devices. Along with that, we gathered enough evidence to file formal complaints and bring charges to the perpetrators. With permission from the client we handed over the evidence to the law enforcement agency.

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