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gdpr Compliance

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. GDPR is a compliance security standard specially designed for personal data and privacy protection of users. It allows detailed requirements for businesses on personal data collection, storage, and management while applying both to individuals in the EU and corporations outside the EU. It is implemented to ensure that personal data is processed securely with the help of the right technical and organizational measures. The Regulation does not specify a set of cybersecurity measures. To manage risk, you need to understand what the ‘right kind of’ action means as a business.

  • While processing user data, companies need to keep some fundamental principles in mind. Personal data must be adequate, relevant, and limited to the purposes it was processed. Where it’s necessary, data must be kept up to date, and inaccurate data must be erased. Apart from these, they must be lawful and transparent with the usage of the data.
  • Companies must respond quickly to a problem and take action to handle the affected data subjects promptly. Therefore, they need to monitor evidence, records of data breaches, and activity logs. Demonstrating adequate controls and breach containment also falls within their responsibilities.
  • For ensuring compliance, GDPR makes the data protection officer (DPO), the data controller, and data processor the most responsible persons with equal liability on data controllers (who own the data) and data processors (who help manage that data). If a third-party processor does not comply, we consider the organization to be not in compliance. Businesses must also inform users of their rights under GDPR.
  • Most businesses see data as an asset. After GDPR’s strict rules and regulations, they need to be much more granular in data flows and data accumulation. They must also ensure vendors know how to report a breach properly. A clearly defined path must be in place, including procedures and response structures, to achieve a quick solution.
  • GDPR is essential for banks, sellers, and any EU organization that deals with user data processing. It plays a vital role in maintaining a company’s credibility to protect and secure its personal information. It ensures safe data usage through restrictive security controls around user data storage and transmission.

our approach

TechForing chooses a systematic approach to enable an EU company to achieve GDPR compliance. We follow a formal process and counsel you to stay up-to-date with the required GDPR compliance guidelines. We provide automation for privacy impact assessments and data mapping, protect against data theft, data loss, and implement risk management in an integrated platform.


GDPR requires businesses to complete a typical Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) based on some essential facets of your company like Governance, data security, data breaches, lawful processing, contracts and suppliers, human resources, etc.

If you need to download it, we will send you the PDF questionnaires later.

Personal Data Protection Steps:

  • Assess the personal data stored and being processed
  • Evaluate the risk exposure to the data
  • Setting procedures and techniques to control the risk
  • Enhance overall visibility for detection and prompt incident response

An Effective GDPR Compliance Service Must Provide Visibility:

  • Comprehensive mapping of personal data usage and storage
  • Optimizing metadata access and the amount of Subject Access Request
  • Running internal compliance audits centrally.
  • Simplifying internal data processing purpose inquiries
  • Decision Making on data analytics and data processing

Our Consultative services to achieve GDPR compliance


Gap Analysis

Techforing consulting small businesses includes a full Gap Analysis against the GDPR requirements and offers your business a compliance matrix. You can develop the GDPR Improvement Plan based on that.


Rapid detection and Threat Response

We will empower your organization to implement the proactive way to breach detection expected to help accomplish consistency with the GDPR reporting and notification requirement as well as develop a threat response guideline.


Enrich security policies and workplace awareness

We will guide all the way to implement industry standard security policies to stand out with GDPR compliance. We provide an awareness program suited for maintaining best workplace practices.


Report Data Breach within 72 hours

With a data breach, there are 72 hours to report. However, if you use technological safeguards like encryption and can make the data useless to the intruder, it can be relaxed.


Check what other vendors are doing

As there are no clear-cut rules in GDPR, we have developed various tactics to ensure compliance without sacrificing user experience. We check competitor websites for new features and decide on the best practices for your business.


Analyze Data Storage And Usage

We analyze the personal data landscape, interconnections, and identify inconsistencies between data sets and systems to provide you with a view of the data status and data usage in your company.


Prevent Data Leakage

We can guide you on whether company data should be processed across your infrastructure, in the cloud, or should have remote access. With the help of behavioral analytics and machine learning, we will enable you to control and manage data to prevent data leakage.


Data Privacy Assessment

We analyze your company’s data privacy management system and strategize privacy controls. This will help your organization or its customers to avoid any financial or reputational harm.

Of small business have Completed Preparations for GDPR

Of small Business Unware of GDPR But have little understanding about this requirements

Of small business have Completred Preparations

Of sole traders have not started preparations for GDPR

Of microbusiness have not started prepartions for GDPR

Impact of Data Protection Regulation on Small Business


why us

  • TechForing provides end to end guidance in becoming GDPR compliant by offering seamlessly responding technologies and thinking heads to the most complicated GDPR requirements. We have a team of qualified experts and Data Protection Professionals constantly updating themselves for GDPR audits.
  • Consulting small businesses has been our forte to gain GDPR compliance to them through our cybersecurity solutions. We performed many tests to ensure businesses meet the required compliance guidelines. As per GDPR scope, we support you in maintaining, renewing, updating, and making required amendments to the documents.
  • Our solutions are cost-effective, and our audits are annual and bi-annual.
  • Techforing offers a Risk Intelligence platform. This platform scans any network and evaluates the Personally Identifiable Information, which helps in data mapping and prioritizing the security efforts by identifying any unsecured PII.
  • The Managed Security Service reduces any threat that ransomware or other malicious code poses. As data loss is fatal for businesses, our service allows fast backup, recovery, and storage security, all in one cloud structure.
  • We provide robust email security and encryption, including an email archive, for you to have free access to users’ emails whenever you need them.
  • We have the tools you need to monitor your business remotely.

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