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17 ways High Net Worth Individuals are being hacked & how to be safe.

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High net worth individuals and families

High Net Worth individuals and families or family offices are always a lucrative target for cybercriminals to commit cybercrimes. A study conducted in April during Covid-19, that states that 44% of workers are working from home. Operating remotely involves video conferencing service, remote working platforms, and virtual private networks. They use these to log in to their office servers and manage various financial and confidential matters. Through phishing, malware, and social engineering, Cyber attackers try to get into the financial accounts, email servers and even obtain personal information to perform identity theft.

  • Owing to their reputation and very often - fame, they are easy targets to cybercriminals. They fish out sensitive private data and use those in-

    • Dark web
    • Corporate espionage
    • Commit frauds by stealing funds, etc.
  • They tend to live a luxurious life and maintain a public persona, which makes them more vulnerable to deception. Hackers can exploit their sensitive and overly conscious nature and make them a victim of money extortion.
  • Beyond their wildest guess, they may be doxed by even their ex-partner! Then there are stalkers, hacking groups, private investigators, foreign governments, and journalists! They just home in on High net worth individuals and gradually invade their home and household devices.
  • Viruses like ransomware are used to take over a system until compels the individual to pay the ransom. DDoS (distributed denial of service) floods a network and prevent access to files and folders. Then there are malware, spyware, adware attacks, where hacker uploads illegal items from child pornography to Illicit tax documents.
  • “It’s essentially planting evidence of criminality onto your computer in a way that’ll get you arrested,”
    Rasch, a cybercrime expert states.
  • Cyber-intruders also know how to get into voice-activated devices, webcams, Nest thermostats, and self-driving cars. Rasch says, “If there’s a vulnerability in one, there’s a vulnerability in all.”

A Campden Research study presents that, due to a lack of efficient ultra-high net worth wealth management, many families with an average wealth of $1.1 billion fell prey to hackers. Despite a nationwide alert, 38% of the high net worth individuals’ families lack a comprehensive cybersecurity plan.

Lack of efficient ultra-high net worth wealth management

Many families with an average wealth of $1.1 billion fell prey to hackers

38% of the high net worth individuals’ families lack a comprehensive cybersecurity plan many families with an average wealth of $1.1 billion fell prey to hackers

Strategies that can help you avoid being cyber hacked

Network & Password Safety

You can significantly reduce some of these risks if you stay vigilant about your devices’ connectivity and exposure. Remember, you also have to create strong passwords that you can not by any means tell anyone or write down anywhere. All you can do is to provide hints of it somewhere, even that is a risky business as well.

Cyber Security Professional Service

You need skilled cybersecurity professionals who can always keep track of your personal information, your family, and your companies. If any of your stuff finds its way to the Dark web, cyber analysts can give you early warnings.

Cyber Security Training For Employees

Your financial institutions and law firms also should follow stringent cybersecurity practices.

Network & Password Safety

Security cameras better not are internet protocol- based.


Techforing Concierge Cybersecurity Service can rescue you

Our private client cybersecurity system ensures online presence is never intruded on. We have a vip cyber defense package, which provides the High net worth individuals of the society the necessary support they need. We also call ourselves Computer Crime investigator, which may sound old-school, but a mighty effective one.

Our cybercrime method includes:

  • Preserve online data via a strong safety net that prevents unknown entrance into the system.
  • Communication channels like Whatsapp, Messenger, Skype are encrypted for secure data transmission.
  • Personal cybersecurity consultants provide timely support. With their dedicated attention, you will be able to protect your privacy online.
  • Total safeguard your electronic devices
  • Blocks ransomware, phishing, malicious malware, spyware and insider threat.
  • Advanced identity protection ensures passwords, cloud accounts, credential details, credit card information and social security number can only be accessed by you.
  • Concierge Cybersecurity implements control in identifying any suspicious activity.

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