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The guys are extremely knowledgeable, reliable, committed and the best thing you can find on the internet. This company is a one-stop-shop for anything to do with cybersecurity and server stability. You can entrust them with critical projects and sensitive information. They will go above and beyond to ensure not just the tasks assigned to them, but also your success as a person or business. I have now worked with them on several projects, and I can easily say that in over 6 years of working with freelancers, Techforing has been by far my best discovery. Whether you are a bank or a small business, do yourself a favor and hire this team.

Saif kazi (Qatar)

CEO, Urban point

We were concerned about our infrastructure and cloud security as we store vast amounts of sensitive customer data. TechForing did a thorough audit and made excellent recommendations. They went above and beyond. I will definitely work with them again as they pointed security holes no other tech had pointed out before. Thank you team!

Nick Namikas (USA)

CTO, Incentify

I have been using the personal cybersecurity service from Techforing for a while now. And I have to say that their team is incredibly professional, highly skilled and most of all very reliable.

Joseph Ke

General Manager, CSI Chemical Co. Ltd.

They provided plenty of avenues for our security team to improve and tighten the controls. In commercial banks, data security is the key priority. Without them providing us with the latest policies and compliances, we’d remain in the dark about a lot of things. They have lots of promise and potential. Try them. Their skills might save you from lots of unnecessary financial hassles.

Souheil Thabti

Ethics Manager, KT Bank

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  • We needed a quick and efficient virus expert. Our CentOS server was malfunctioning, and we needed it operational right away. Thankfully, we found out about these guys through a good friend of mine. They removed all malware or spyware from the system. Thank You!

    Magdalena Cogbill

    Founder, My IVF Alternative

  • I needed a cybersecurity expert who could encrypt financial data then transfer to another place securedly. The guy from This team seemed to be a Pro at it. With his help I believe my project is safeguarded enough. He was great to work with. Will hire again for next phase of project.

    Dan Carnation

    Sr. Loanologist, BIMort

  • Techforing team is professional, they got some instructors who knows a lot about the current technologies. Knows ins and outs of a security system. Very open-minded and patiently made the team understand how things are in this field. I hope they learnt a lot. Thank you guys!

    Jatinder Giri

    CEO, nClouds

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John Rainey (USA)

Owner, Kingdom Marketing Solutions, Inc.

We were in a deep water when our users could not get access to data. It was difficult to fathom the whats and hows. On top of that someone was asking to get paid and giving threats to leak and erase the data. So we hired Techforing. Their security engineers were prompt in finding the weak link in the system and helped the workstation regain all the data. We felt we got out of jail. GREAT JOB!

Israel Sanchez (USA)

CEO, Integrated Healing and Strength Systems, Inc.

One of my crucial websites was showing ominous signs. We were being suspicious. Thankfully, we didn’t waste time and immediately asked my subordinate to look for somebody. He got us with Techforing. They did a thorough job and made some recommendations. I will definitely work with them again. As he pointed at security holes, no other tech had pointed out before. Thank you, Techforing!

Oz Goren (Israel)

VP Marketing, Tanku

TechForing conducted penetration tests on our website, database, and network and provided a detailed report. They could identify risks at several levels, explained the risk in detail and also suggested solutions. The team was also helping fix all found security issues. They are very professional, cooperative and very good at communication.

Alvin Neo (Singapore)

Chief Customer & Marketing Officer, NTUC Enterprise Co-operative Limited

These are some super talented bunch of people! Though costly, they helped me bypass the URL’s anti-virus was constantly flagging. I really needed those URLs operational. At first, I was not sure whether the price was worth it. Thankfully, I went on with it and they didn’t disappoint.

Eric Ho (Ecuador)

Staff Software Engineer, RippleMatch

The guys in the team are extremely efficient and very humble. Kept me posted and helped me learn about lots of security related things. I never needed to do pen-testing. It really is an effective tool for companies like ours. If you are looking for reliability, Techforing is a Go-to! Try them!

Eddie Murgic (USA)

President and CEO, Traveloko, LLC.

Our website needed a risk assessment. TechForing Engineers are a pro in that. They did everything needed to get the job done. Guys are content and I got my peace of mind. Thanks TechForing.

Paul Hager (USA)

CEO, Information Technology Profssionals

Joomla 1.5 was Virus-affected. The in-charge person of this agency did a hack recovery job and updated the entire system. He was very reachable on Skype and completed the work within the time frame we needed. I would hire again for sure, if necessary. I would highly recommend them.

Elsane Guglielmino (France)

Business Development, Technologies group

They were really cooperative and patient with everything I asked. And I asked a lot of questions. In the end, I am immensely satisfied with the security I got for my applications. Good job!

Denise Kee (Singapore)

Managing Director, Xtremax

We’re looking for an AWS-NGINX Security configuration expert. Found this company and they did a fine job. Highly recommended.

Enrico Garzotto (Italy)

CEO & Founder, Enrico Garzotto

One morning, I woke up getting calls from everywhere. Somebody sent suspicious inbox messages from my social media profile to all my friends and foes. I asked my assistant to look into it. He found out about this cybersecurity team. They did something to help me get my login access back. Overall, a very professional job! Fast and reliable.

Tim goggin (USA)

Co-Founder, PocketMac

A rival tried to defame me by exposing personal moments on public. I was furious at the same time helpless. Needed a quick data removal job. These Techforing people did a standup job not only taking down those, they secured to protect privacy online. Thanks!

Shawn Bowman (USA)

President, IdeaSeat Marketing and Advertising, LLC

My PC's acting strangely of late. Applications kept shutting down on me, was losing data left and right. decided to install a virus guard, hired Techforing Engineers. They setup Kaspersky remotely. Now, I'm running it for 3 days as smooth as a new car! gotta say- Great Work, you guys are really Focused on getting the project done right.

Joseph McCray (USA)

Founder & CEO, Strategic Security

My cryptocurrency got stolen despite it's deemed to be pretty secure. I can understand things happen! Tried law enforcement but got no help, then hired the Techforing team to get my funds back. They traced back the hacker and forced him return the cash with the same value of lost crypto. Excellent job indeed!

Brendan Swan (USA)

Principle, Brooks Consulting, LLC

I have depended on this cybersecurity company for a number of projects and they never fail to deliver. Hired them to create secure network (VPN/Proxy). They did a fine job as always!

Christine Carter (USA)

Owner, Christine Carter

This team did a fantastic job for us and provided the highest quality 'Data Security' work. They truly are some experts in this field. We will use them again and again whenever we need assistance with security issues.


Owner, Fire Shaper

A colleague of mine mistakenly emailed a client's file in error to a different department. We needed someone to interfere and provide data security to stop it from happening. These guys helped me do it. They're very knowledgeable. All the best!

Benjamin Beck (USA)

Sr. Marketing Automation Manager, DigiCert Inc.r

A public post from our official page got a lot of negative comments and it was clear most of those accounts are fake or linked to one account. I hired Team Techforing knowing they handle cyber harassment cases like this. I don't know how you guys did it, but I am surprised how you got to the bottom of it and brought out the miscreant in the light. Thanks for your work. I'll review your report paper and pass it along to a member of our executive team.

David J. Hall (USA)


My nine-year-old girl's laptop computer was hacked by a pedophile in January 2021. The hacker managed to secure a personal picture of her and blackmailing her. I reported the incident to Police. Three months later I get back my laptop without any progress. In the meantime, the hacker got access into my business accounts, which were connected to my home wi-fi. In my search for help, I found Techforing. I checked them out and confirmed they were a trustworthy company that could fulfill their commitments. In less than two weeks my computers and my system was protected. I recommend them highly and stand ready to answer questions about their reputability.

Cathy Lumsden (Canada)

Business coaching and counseling, Rhapsody Strategies

The courses help you to enlighten on the latest most happening cyberthreats. Apart from Phishing attacks, ransomware, they taught us about other threats and gave us hundreds of tricks to secure IT system. It was an eye-openning and fruitful session for all of us. Thanks a lot!

Edwin Curran (USA)

Vice President of Engineering, XboSoft

These trainers are some of the most skillfull persons I've come across. They pointed out the vulnerabilities in our existing system long with educating the team on what else can be done harden the security controls. We are lucky to have them. Wish them all the best!

Batho Motubudi (BOTSWANA)

Managing Director, Paperchaser Mobile

Before this session, I was honestly wasn't sure about its' necessity as we already have an IT team in-house. But having talked to them, I learn that the trainers really did a good job. Everyone's happy about the course. The course materials cover the most relevant ones, so I'd say well done!

Sven Eller (Estonia)

Progmatic OÜ

The trainers are really knowledgeable in cybersecurity. They helped the IT team and faculty members in securing their personal devices and social engineering. Before this, we never thought such penetration is possible. Now, we're aware and can take the necessary steps to avoid cybercrime (hopefully!). Also, the training videos are available for later use to rewatch and learn over and over again. They are a must Hire for any educational institutes.

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