Malware attacks can be lethal. It can fill your device with unwanted ads, slow it down, send you unwanted calls/messages, or steal your online credentials. Sometimes, even antivirus software fails to protect your device. In cases like this, what you need is an effective malware removal service.

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TechForing's Virus Removal Services

Sometimes, even antivirus software fails to get the job done. To protect your devices from unwanted malware infection, TechForing is here to help you out. We will:

  • Remove malware from your Windows PC
  • Remove malware from macOS devices
  • Remove malware from iOS devices
  • Remove malware from Android devices
  • Recover and restore data from the affected device after virus attacks
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Our cyber security experts team is always prepared to prevent viruses and mitigate the damage caused by virus attacks. We will also recover as much data as possible and resume the complete functionality of your computer after we get rid of the virus.

  • Check
  • Detect
  • Remove
  • Restore
  • Prevent

We begin our malware removal services with an in-depth system scan for potential threats. To ensure complete isolation of the infected system, we usually disconnect it from the internet and perform a normal scan with our AI powered malware scanner .

If the initial scan cannot detect the malware, spyware, or ransomware present in the system, we’ll run another in-depth scan of the system that will consist of multiple phases with advanced options to find the malicious software. Once all types of malware present in the system have been detected, we will provide you with a detailed report which will include:

  • The type of malware that infected your computer/other devices
  • The severity of the attack
  • Estimated costs of data damage based on current company statistics
  • Estimated time and costs to remove infections and restore all programs completely

Once we’ve identified the extent of the threat you are facing, our team will work on removing the malware on your system, whether personal or organizational. The time to perform all necessary actions for complete removal depends on the device's scope and the attack's severity. But our team will always make it their utmost priority to complete the removal process as soon as possible.

After removing all existing threats from your respective system/ systems, we’ll work on recovering and restoring all the data that has been corrupted or removed without authorization by the attack. While working on data recovery and restoration, we maintain a priority chart so that we can decide on recovering the most sensitive data first, so that vital information related to your company is not lost forever due to a major data loss.

Once our team has recovered all your data and reinstated the system in an operational state, they’ll proceed to secure your system to reduce the chances of future attacks. There are quite a few reasons a device can get hacked in case of a cyberattack. Our cybersecurity team will try their best to shut down all security loopholes, making your device more secure than ever from future attacks.

Feedback From Our Happy Customers

Our concierge cybersecurity has solved many security issues in the past, thwarting attempts of hackers and other malicious entities on the internet. Here are a couple of feedbacks from our customers who are satisfied with the protection we provide.

  • quote img

    “If you’re in need of expertise in updated WordPress or website security and how to protect your assets - then have these guys look into your site or teach you how. I’m very impressed and I know you will be too!”

    removing malware, virus, viruses, infected, removal tool, settings, defender, advanced options

    Stephen Luc (USA)

    CEO, Nonstop Info Publishing LLC

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    “My wife’s phone was hacked probably by injecting malware into it. I hired TechForing and they exceeded expectations, were always available; always willing to help, kept their promise, and completed the project on time and on budget. Later when I asked for extra work they were very reasonable with the additional time they charged me. It was a great pleasure working with them!”

    types of malware, security software, security, files, device, detect and remove, removal tool

    Alex Lluch (USA)

    WS Publishing Group.com

  • quote img

    “One morning, I woke up getting calls from everywhere. Somebody sent suspicious inbox messages from my social media profile to all my friends and foes. I asked my assistant to look into it. He found out about this cybersecurity team. They did something to help me get my login access back. Overall, a very professional job! Fast and reliable.”

    tool, infected, virus, device, internet, suspicious, protection, real-time

    Enrico Garzotto (Italy)

    CEO & Founder, Enrico Garzotto


Feel free to contact us with your issues, sit back, relax and allow our professionals to handle the incident.

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