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17 ways High Net Worth Individuals are being hacked & how to be safe.

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Social Hack Recovery


Recover accounts and devices by eliminating threats

Do you suspect your social media accounts, personal devices, email addresses are being hacked? If you are certain that any of these, including financial accounts and personal cloud platforms, has been compromised, you must respond fast and in the right way to minimize the fallout. Our cybersecurity consultants offer a comprehensive incident response plan to restore the system. We identify, contain, eliminate the danger, and educate you to avoid further occurrence.

Social Hack Recovery

virus & spyware removal

Remove virus and malware from your system

You installed an anti-malware software and firewall not so long ago, still, your device keeps slowing down, applications crashing frequently, unusual error messages popping up, all things that lead you to only one thing - the system is infected by Malware, spyware, or some other virus. Security threats are dynamic enough to bypass firewalls and antivirus tools these days. Our cybersecurity experts run a full scan of your system, remove malware from your PC, remove adware from MAC, and restore your system back to the clean state you desire.



Remove yourself from data collection sites

Is your personal and professional life in jeopardy because someone leaked your private data online or misrepresented you in a fake dating profile? Perhaps you are getting too many spam calls and emails or you have a privacy concern about your digital trace. More often than not, it’s difficult for an average person to fathom such security incidents and fix them himself. So, you can hire us to do the hard work. We remove personal data from the internet and ensure it stays dead.

what our clients are saying

  • Techforing team is professional, they got some instructors who knows a lot about the current technologies. Knows ins and outs of a security system. Very open-minded and patiently made the team understand how things are in this field. I hope they learnt a lot. Thank you guys!

    Jatinder Giri (USA)



  • My PC's acting strangely of late. Applications kept shutting down on me, was losing data left and right. decided to install a virus guard, hired Techforing Engineers. They setup Kaspersky remotely. Now, I'm running it for 3 days as smooth as a new car! gotta say- Great Work, you guys are really Focused on getting the project done right.

    Shawn Bowman (USA)

    IdeaSeat Marketing and Advertising, LLC


  • I needed a cybersecurity expert who could encrypt financial data then transfer to another place securedly. The guy from This team seemed to be a Pro at it. With his help I believe my project is safeguarded enough. He was great to work with. Will hire again for next phase of project.

    Joejet Atchuela (Phillipines)

    Prodigy Professional Services

    IT Head

Important Case Studies


Privacy Compromised- Social Media got Hacked

A genuinely harmless individual can also be a victim of social media hackers. We had a client who was unaware of how some of her harmless actions could rub someone in the wrong way to the extent that they could go on to destroy her private life. Read to find out how it all started.


Smartphone Hacked with zero day exploit

We faced a case where the client was smart, informed, and quite intuitive. He quickly sensed something was off with his smartphone. So, he contacted us and what we found was astounding - A perfect zero day exploit case that you must not miss out!


Data theft and online scam - cybercrime investigation

You won't believe a file you just downloaded can eventually download all your files! We met a victim of data theft, whose well-organized sound life started to fall apart with just a click - A classic case of an online scam. Read and find out what our cyber investigators found from his device.

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