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Media Personalities & Celebrities

Celebrities are as vulnerable to cyber threats as any normal people are. It’s because of their precious fame and public image, they are more likely to be cyber hacked. They can be targeted in ‘spear phishing’. Scammers trigger an email or social media content made to look like coming from a regular friend and deceive them to give up personal or sensitive information.Especially mobile devices are more prone to phishing attacks due to their small form factor than PC.

  • Mail hacking

    News of the World voicemail hacking scandal made it clear that many people are not even aware of changing the factory default voicemail PIN number. Hence, most of the data leakage is executed in this route. Other than these, different passwords for different online accounts and also setting the passcode feel like a massive hassle to media personalities. But they often forget how easy it can be for hackers to snoop in and get easy access to all the good stuff.
  • public wifi hacking

    Do you know how dangerous is it to use public Wi-Fi? Especially if you are logging in to perform a financial transaction? These Wi-Fi signals often send data without any encryption. Therefore, it’s like sending a letter with an open envelope.
  • device hacking

    iPhone data is automatically stored out to iCloud. Even Android devices have Google photos-like platforms, which despite being a useful addition to their service, are still vulnerable to data leaks.
  • Lastly, a crucial security measure these famous people miss out on is using phones with security vulnerabilities. Modern phones need regular firmware updates, which often fix known security bugs. In this internet age, anyone can become famous in the most horrifying way like images or strictly private content get leaked and put online. Most of the technicaldetails are even kept out of the records to avoid giving out the roadmap for future hackers.

It's a threat to The Hiring Agencies as well

During the Ashley Madison hack, attackers were mostly aiming at embarrassing people. They sent out millions of her clients’ emails online. The worry for the agencies that hired her is that compromise of her inbox can compromise many of their client-agency personal exchanges. All in all, it’s a matter of mass defamation.

Attackers often don’t have to put a personal touch to hook their prey. Fear of being exposed can be enough to make them take a desperate more foolish step. Resultantly, the cybercriminals break in and finish the rest of the invasion.

Major Celebrity Hack incidents that Shook The World

The most audacious attack was when 130 Twitter accounts, including former President Barack Obama, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was hacked. In the summer of 2016, Mark Zuckerberg accounts were hacked using password guessing software. Similarly, actors using their film titles as passwords get attacked regularly.

Here’s a rundown of some famous cybercrime incidents with celebrities that you might not have heard of:

Jennifer Lawrence

Her iCloud account got hacked and intimate pictures got leaked online. Since then, the iCloud server lost their reputation of being the most hackproof platform.

Ashton Kutcher

While speaking at the TED conference, Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter account got hacked. Since then, Twitter introduced the “HTTPS” to improve their cybersecurity and protect everyone’s privacy online.

Paris Hilton

Her personal information got leaked all over the net ever since a teenage hacker was able to gain access to her account.

Mass Celebrity Phone Tapping

British newspaper journalists were involved in accessing the voicemail of several celebrities. As a result, they ended up in jail and the newspaper got shutdown.

Simple Tips to improve these security vulnerabilities


Cookies serve to personalize internet experiences and can be exploited in advertising. Browser plugins can track identity across websites


Compromise of the one email account that was used as a singular hub for various other services can snowball into the hijack of all those services.


Through phishing and fraudulent websites, cybercriminals can eavesdrop on your transactions and steal the details when they are not secured.


Despite the commonly-used browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, you should consider using Tor for private browsing.

How Techforing can be your Savior

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We engage a comprehensive approach, where all online financial security and individual data usage are thoroughly reviewed. Our private client cybersecurity ensures that they do not become a vulnerability in the future either

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