TechForing’s Turnkey Cybersecurity Program is a Plug & Play solution that helps new/small/medium businesses to tackle cyber threats without spending too much for in-house cybersecurity solutions.

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TechForing is a leading managed security services provider. Our services allow small and medium-sized businesses to detect, protect, and respond to unknown security events. Our best-in-class security monitoring and management ensure that we cover most organizations' fundamental online data protection needs with comprehensive, all-in-one services.

  • Only turnkey cybersecurity solution in the market

  • Affordable pricing, easy to integrate

  • Can be reused with minimal customization

  • Designed to give a comprehensive view and solve problems unique to your business

  • Suitable for all business sizes and industries

  • Helps you get your business up and running quickly.

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Our Turnkey Cyber Solutions is a plug-and-play IT protection plan fully set up and ready to go, customized for various digital security systems and industries. Our turnkey cyber solutions follow an end-to-end approach to providing cyber-security solutions. The team of experts associated with the services will install the required hardware, software, and infrastructure. Our Plug and Play Program is built for businesses to mediate human error and secure valuable data from unauthorized access.

Industries We Serve

Financial Institutes

Educational Institutes

E-Commerce Businesses

Law Firm

Small & Medium Businesses

Software Companies

What we do

Cybersecurity & Privacy Program

Any organization facing major cyber threats must implement AI through a well-thought-out, integrated strategy; instead of adding additional capabilities bolted onto the existing systems. To do so, we provide a multi-pronged Cybersecurity & Privacy Program, a customizable IT security service tailored for small and medium-sized businesses that need easy access to administrative controls. This Program deals with complex data collection, storage, disclosure, transfer, and removal issues.

Risk Assessment

Cybersecurity analysts collect necessary information on the existing system and detect fatal threats that can sabotage the security controls of the business. After vulnerability analysis, we put together a report detailing every loophole and the potential threat that needs immediate care and deliver actionable recommendations to the decision-makers. Every organization's digital asset, i.e. data center, mobile application, server & network, cloud infrastructure, and desktop application is thoroughly analyzed and assessed to ensure their overall safety.

Data Privacy & Protection

Comprehensive data protection is mandatory for avoiding security breaches and regulatory non-compliance. Failure to secure your data can result in lost productivity, diminished reputation, fines, and lawsuits. Our SMB turnkey cyber solutions help you protect your personal and business information. We serve around-the-clock privacy protection strategies to offset risks to ensure secure data transfer and internal data exchange regularly.

Vendor Screening

Businesses should protect their customers' data from being freely available on the internet but unfortunately, it often happens through a vendor breach. Our compliance program validates that any third-party vendor with data access to the system is as careful as you are with your data. We identify high-risk vendors and harden your business cybersecurity with this process.

Incident Response Strategy

Small businesses can't plan for sudden cyberattacks as new hacking techniques are evolving daily. They need to regain control and mitigate future risks. We provide an incident response strategy encompassing a hack recovery plan, malware removal, and digital forensic investigation. The strategy consists of five phases, where we predetermine guidelines tailored to your kind of business. Then, the detection and reporting phase is initiated, followed by triage and endpoint analysis. Our cybersecurity experts have in-depth knowledge of live system responses and memory analysis. Using that, we finally contain and neutralize the compromised system and provide incident reports.

Awareness & Training

We are equipped with industry-based awareness training that prepares IT and security representatives to safeguard present digital assets and train their users on secure operation tactics. As the employees are the weakest link in the cybersecurity chain, a timely awareness program ensures maximum business data protection. Our training program tests employees with phishing attacks, social engineering, general data protection regulation, password security, ransomware, malware, and many other security actions. To accommodate even the remote and most job-occupied individuals, we have both online and offline class systems, which they can attend at their convenience.

Continuous consultation

Despite the limited scope of our turnkey cyber solutions, it's sufficient for the most necessary security control management. Clients can reach us anytime to consult relevant issues. We continuously provide consultation through newsletters and webinars about the latest updates and further network modification scopes for you to assess on deploying more advanced controls.


After assessing your business through our plug-and-play solution, we verify and certify that your business has security measures in place. This certification helps you with industry-standard compliance. This certificate is valid for one year that can be used as a logo on your website to earn customer trust and confidence.

Why Choose Turnkey Cyber Solutions

  • Simple Configuration cancels out the impact of human error

  • Virtually Zero Design time allows Hassle-free installation and commissioning

  • Fully customizable ready-made solution

  • Faster security solution & ROI

  • No Special Tools required

  • Highly cost-effective, perfect for small businesses

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Denise Kee (Singapore)

Managing Director, Xtremax

We're looking for an AWS-NGINX Security configuration expert. Found this company and they did a fine job. Highly recommended

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