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Services we provide

Company website, physical device, application, or data server got breached by an unknown entity? You need a security incident management team to identify the leaked link and take the necessary measures to recover the system to a secured operational state. Our incident response service also provides actionable recommendations to mitigate the threat-resurfacing possibility.

  • hack Recovery
  • malware & spyware removal
  • digital forensic investigation

Incident Response We Deal With



Whether your organization’s server, network, cloud infrastructure, data center, or website is hacked or an attack is in progress, we can help. We detect the source, perform data breach response, repair the damage, and secure the controls with enterprise-grade tools and techniques. Our incident responder team will analyze and ensure that all backdoors are locked to keep any future threat out.


digital forensic investigation

We provide a structured investigation that includes memory analysis, tracking the left-out traces, and revealing the source’s whereabouts to uncover and interprete vital company data compromised by a third party. Organized Financial crimes and state-sponsored crimes put the victim into a cycle of legal battles costing them severely. Our forensic experts deal with law enforcement and save you from further hassle.


malware & spyware removal

Office Servers, data centers, and websites are quite often infected with different malware, spyware, or ransomware. We detect the pathway, contain the damage, restore the affected data, and run a thorough clean-up of the system. Most of the malware cases are web-centric. Our incident response service is about removing malware and securing and hardening the control points to avoid any future threat.

$3.9 m

Data breach on SMBs accross all over the world


organizations experienced malware activity in 2019


of cyber attacks target small business

important client stories

test img

I couldn't access My Joomla site as it was probably blocked by hosts due to hack. Techforing was a big help then. They were always available and helped me understand every bit of it. They did some malware removal and quickly resolved the issues. Good experience overall.

Khurram Suhrwardy (Canada)

Director Creative, SB Productions


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Thousands of Cyber security incidents go unrecorded every day. In-house recovery attempts often fail to provide a permanent solution. If you want to save time and money, give us a call or book a free consultation hour. Our incident responders will get your system back in no time!

Important Case Studies


Vulnerability Assessment

One of our clients needed their entire website hack-proof. which was involved in a partnership with a credit bureau. The information was extremely sensitive and it required detailed penetration and regression testing. How we went about it might interest you!


Penetration Testing

The client had an authentication engine. Due to the seriousness of this engine and multiple APIs being used, we had to carry out module based penetration testing. We evaluated if each authentication mechanism in the authentication engine had at least two-factor authentication.


Infrustructure Audit

A software service company had its services spread across various domains. So understanding the risks of each business domain and evaluating the software were some challenges we had to overcome. We used tools like Wireshark, TcpDump and many more.

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Our security experts will get in touch with you, understand your need and will provide you the best solution and help to undertake the best course of action needed as you or your organization required.