Experienced Instructor

Industry-grade cybersecurity trainers will educate on enhanced network visibility and immediate threat protection.


Free cybersecurity tools, personalized action plan, and the latest updates on training and events will be provided

Free Lab

Fully virtualized and dedicated lab setup will be provided for ethical hacking and penetration testing practice for cybersecurity enthusiasts.

Industry Standard

Training module comprises the core ideas of cybersecurity and threat mitigation strategies presented understandably.

How we work with Educational Institute

  • Educate the IT Team on Security Protocols

    We train IT personnel about security vulnerabilities to avoid DDoS attacks, Data theft, Phishing, Ransomware/Malware, etc.

  • Enlighten the Faculty and Staff on Current Threats

    We inform the faculty members on digital device data and server protection; conducting online classes without interference.

  • Make Parents and Educators Aware of Best Practices

    We teach parents about passwords and privacy, protect identity and location, use secured wifi, and utilize parental controls.

  • Awareness Among Students about Aafe Computing

    We spread Cybersecurity awareness in students, teaching them safe navigation, online communication, latest protection tools.

  • Provide Compliance Policies

    We deliver compliance policies to prevent rule violations that can lead to fines and lawsuits.

  • Work out Security Solution to Present Setup

    We collaborate with the IT team in providing security solutions to the existing system to protect against potential cyberattacks.

student Benefits

Our cybersecurity professionals can help students safeguard digital activities by educating them about avoiding intellectual property breaches and protecting their privacy online.

Career fairs and campaigns will be encouraged to better both students and their parents to choose a cybersecurity career path. Under experts’ supervision, competitions can also be raised security awareness and teamwork to tackle a real world cyber incident. Finally, students will be treated with cyber security training certification.

Faculty Benefits

Teachers and staff will learn about various online learning platforms and their respective security issues in our cyber awareness training. Apart from acquiring knowledge about security’s legal aspects, they will learn to protect themselves and teach others to defend against potential threats. Our cybersecurity trainers will provide them with all the industry-grade tools we can incorporate into their daily applications and organization devices and servers.

IT personnel will be experts in backing up data regularly, using data encryption techniques, and securing access to on-premise networks. They will ensure access rights are authenticated thoughtfully so that an accidental data breach at one point doesn’t spread. They will establish robust user monitoring for all user actions within educational networks.

courses we offer

Instead of overwhelming your teachers, staff, and students with the most complicated cybersecurity terminologies imaginable, we present them in a comprehensive approach covering the most relevant and latest threat concern to your organization.

Ethical Hacking

With the consent of the owner, you will be able to legally hack into websites, databases, servers, networks and perform penetration testing and vulnerability assessment

Web Security

Focusing fully on OWASP top 10 and the most common web vulnerabilities, it'll help web developers learn to securely develop web applications.

Network Security

Teach about how to develop contingency planning for cybersecurity, hands-on training on hack recovery, malware removal, disaster recovery, etc

Incident Response

There will be discussions on all 7 layers of security, infrastructure security, wifi security, secure network architecture development, suitable for network engineers.

Cryptography &

Diving deep into cryptography, steganography including the most popular methods like hashing, salting, etc; different decryption techniques and their overall impact on cybersecurity

Secure Application

It is focused on secure mobile and desktop application development using Java, .net, and Swift; best practices, using the right tools, know-how your apps will be used, etc.


This investigation training involves malware analysis, memory acquisition techniques, retrieve hard evidence from hard drives, analysis of image-video, and variously formatted files.

Awareness Program

Cybersecurity fundamentals like setting strong passwords, two-factor authentication, social engineering, phishing, safe surfing, secure email communication, etc.

How to become an Academy partner

  • By taking training from us and spreading awareness to your school, colleague, or university.

  • By introducing our cybersecurity training course to your institute or any other educational institute

  • Many universities in their computer science or IT departments want to provide a Cybersecurity course as an elective. Still, they might not have a lecturer or don't know how to develop the syllabus. So we step in.

  • You can work with our cybersecurity academy team by enrolling in faculty training and developing a better lab setup or course delivery options.

what our attendees are saying

  • The trainers are really knowledgeable in cybersecurity. They helped the IT team and faculty members in securing their personal devices and social engineering. Before this, we never thought such penetration is possible. Now, we're aware and can take the necessary steps to avoid cybercrime (hopefully!). Also, the training videos are available for later use to rewatch and learn over and over again. They are a must Hire for any educational institutes.

    Sven Eller (Estonia)

    Progmatic OÜ
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We investigate reported cybercrimes to find out the who-why-hows through a comprehensive crime investigation procedure. In this section, we will regularly share some of the most exemplary case details to help you taste the real-world scenarios.

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