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website recovery

A Website is the frontend of a business, the very reason why regardless of its CMS like WordPress or Joomla or highly sophisticated (Java or Python) code-driven, hackers love to test their hacking skills by breaking into sites and pages. To make their tasks difficult, we scan the website for malware as part of a security check and tighten the security controls by upgrades to plugins, passwords, and overall CMS if necessary.

Work Station & Office Network

In coordinated attacks, hackers co-opt Business workstations and make these "slave" machines for data theft. Office networks are compromised by attacks like malware implants, phishing emails, a man in the middle attacks, and packet sniffing. If you collect customer data for your business, you need to minimize the damage by making a hack recovery followed by putting necessary security controls. We can do that for you!


Server & Data Center

System administrators tend to install OS in default settings leading to unwanted services. They are often turned on, which causes unwanted traffic to the server and possibly a gateway for opportunist attackers. If you suspect any malfunctioning in the data center, please contact us to provide you a Hack Recovery Service that will restore your server to full working order.

Cloud Infrastructure

Sixty percent of top US companies have been hit by cloud infrastructure penetrations that led to a severe cloud data breach. Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft’s Azure usually manage security for the underlying infrastructure, where users are responsible for securing the applications and databases. If you think your company cloud server is affected this way, we have your back! We stop the flood of breaches!


300 billion passwords will become vulnerable by 2021

Since 2017, The number of phishing websites grew by over 130.5%

Data breaches will cost businesses more than $150M in 2020

important client stories

test img

Joomla 1.5 was Virus-affected. The in-charge person of this agency did a hack recovery job and updated the whole system. He was very reachable on Skype and completed the work within the time frame we needed. Would hire again for sure. I would highly recommend them.

Paul Hager (USA)

CEO, Information Technology Profssionals

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Cyber Attacks on Financial Institutions- Hackers Stealing Data, not Money

Financial institutions like Banks, brokerage firms, mortgage companies often become the target of hackers, who are after financial data to perform phishing attacks, DDOS, etc. Data is more valuable than money and such cyberattacks cost banks millions!


Cybersecurity Tips for Work from home users - coping up with the new normal

Working from home makes life easy for hackers to infiltrate not so secure IT system used by the employees. Therefore, organizations' data security largely depends on how safely the coworkers can operate workplace digital assets. This blog has the right tips you can use!


How to design a secure office network

To ensure safe communications via routers, switches, servers, and hosts, defense-in-depth approach security is mandatory for each organization. This article provides a comprehensive view of designing a secure office network that you can implement in your workplace.