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Techforing managed cybersecurity services allow small and medium-sized businesses to detect, protect, and respond to unknown online attacks through best-in-class management and monitoring of security systems and devices. We cover the fundamental online data protection needs of most organizations in a comprehensive, all-in-one service.

  • Maximize the ROI on the current It security solution

  • Compliance requirements are addressed and fulfilled.

  • Constant support from our professionals in understanding the latest threats.


Cybersecurity We Manage


19% of attacks are aimed at Web 2.0 sites. 28% of them are Website defacement and 26% are Loss of sensitive data.

Network & Infrastructure

15% of UK businesses have been breached through hackers gaining control of the network.

Cloud Services

70% of businesses that stored data in big cloud vendors like Amazon, Microsoft got exposed last year.

Server & Data Centers

Recently, NTT Communications’ data center breached, resulting in the stealing of 621 companies’ information.

What we do

Periodic Risk Assessment

We divide our monthly or yearly risk assessment into two categories. Vulnerability assessment allows unknown security bugs to be detected, followed by data encryption implementation, whereas pen-test provides insights into WAF security policies and patch detected vulnerabilities.

Immediate Threat Mitigation

It tasked security professionals with safeguarding companies’ security controls to evade large-scale attacks that come in different forms. Our managed cybersecurity services allow them to mitigate such threats and contain the danger of immediate responsive measures.

Continuous Monitoring

We continuously monitor information security controls to comply with your organizational risk management decisions. Our evaluation helps companies find leaked credentials and exposed information even on the dark web. Without this, it’s mighty difficult to keep up with zero-day attacks.

Protect Data & Privacy

Our managed cybersecurity services protect personal data and expect future compliance obligations as we strive to deliver around-the-clock privacy strategies to offset threats. In 2019, the average cost of a data breach was $149,000 for small and medium-sized businesses.

Incident Response

Small businesses need to regain control and mitigate future risks in response to sudden cyberattacks. Our incident response team provides predetermined guidelines, threat detection, and endpoint analysis to support them in dire circumstances.

Continuous Consultation

Our clients can always reach us during a data breach scenario, even after the completion of our SMB service. We regularly arrange newsletters and webinars to further keep our clients up to date with the latest updates in this industry. It’s safer that you avoid taking measures without our consultation.

Monthly Report

Our reporting schedule for SMBs is monthly. If you hire us, we are bound to report you periodically on your security system based on the ongoing changes in the cybersecurity arena. Especially during the COVID-19, businesses are advised to have regular assessments to stay on the safe side.

Backup and Disaster

With a breach, often business employees lose their access to critical data as hackers encrypt, change, or even erase files to blackmail the business. To defend that, we provide avenues to back up the most essential assets to manage such disastrous scenarios.

How we work with your team

  • We discuss and assess client’s requirements and provide the best-fit solutions based on their pain points and business objectives

  • Our cybersecurity consultants will train your IT team in understanding and defending against present or imminent cyber-dangers.

  • In emergency cases, we can provide remote support to your security in-charge through secured video conference calls.

  • We deliver monthly reports as per the deal with individual businesses. Our hands-on solutions are always available to download.


Our Valuable Clients

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Elsane Guglielmino (France)

Business Development, Technologies group

They were really coooperative and patient with everything I asked. And I asked a lof questions. In the end I am immensely satisfied with the security I got for my applications. Good job!

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