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17 ways High Net Worth Individuals are being hacked & how to be safe.

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C-Level Business Executive

No matter the size of the organization, one of the biggest challenges C-level executives confront is the risk of their business becoming a target for cybercriminals. With cyber-attacks against businesses on the rise, a cybersecurity threat is imminent.

Types of cyber threats Business Executives Encounter:

  • Insider Threats
  • Mobile Data Hack
  • BEC Scam
  • Social Media Attack

Insider Threats

Administrators tend to get a lot of privilege in accessing documents because of collaboration platforms’ unfettered access for all across the department. If one of them is compromised to the intruder, the entirety of an organization’s confidential data becomes freely available. 99.9% of successful hacks take advantage of holes in the system that have been known for over a year. And 85% of enterprises struggle to find the actual source of a cyber attack. It can be anyone from current employees, former employees, contractors to business associates. To prevent breaches, we help implement a strong policy that protects minimally secured applications.

Mobile Data Hack

Companies’ information security team can protect executives as far as their workplace while their home and personal devices are still vulnerable to attack.
Use of personal passwords in the corporate environment and the extensive use of mobile phones during domestic and international business travels increase the odds of security breach. We, Techforing, regularly face Data leakage, Wi-fi interference, social engineering cases. Even the top executive protection companies can't cope up with the ever-changing tactics used by cybercriminals. Lately, every industry from manufacturing, healthcare, higher risk sectors like banking and technology are prone to cyber breaches.

BEC Scam

Hackers are also known for Business Email compromise (BEC) scams via spear-phishing and email spoofing. These messages typically avoid the spam indicators, so most email servers fail to flag these. In 2017, 77% of companies experienced such hack incidents commonly called CEO fraud, which resulted in unaffordable losses.

Social Media

During Executives' social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, linkedin, etc) use the initial metadata received from the uploaded images stays stored on the servers. Therefore, the time of capture, geo coordinates, posting location are exposed to the Intruders, who end up tailoring a phishing attack

How it affects their Family as well

Such attacks not only harm him and the organization he works in, a significant amount of brand damage but also it can sip into his family. Attackers usually lookout for every possible opportunity to infiltrate their household, where they have more to lose. Because of their good financial status, their family members also tend to be a lucrative target.

Thus, one leads to another. Professional life hassle ends up damaging their personal lives as well.

Hundreds of C-level executives fall pretty to intruders only because they did not consider protecting their devices, applications, and cloud accounts by some professionals. The higher they climb, the higher the risk of being cyber hacked rises.


Why Traditional security software doesn’t work

For many years, companies have been relying upon traditional network and endpoint security tools to be the go-to defenses. Heavy investments went into Anti-virus and firewalls, which have been protecting data to a reasonable degree. But the threat landscape changes. Cybercriminals unleash ever-sneakier attacks that big corporations are scrambling to deal with. A cool-looking new smartphone app, a funny Facebook link, an unknown foreign website deceive the not so tech-savvy executives.

Almost everyone agrees that a mix of defenses is crucial, even then some hackers slip through. On top of that, ever-evolving smartphones, the shift towards more data in cloud accounts provides new avenues for attackers.


How Techforing can be your Savior

Techforing not only protects your privacy online, but it also monitors, shields, and educates your family on the basic security system in your smart homes. We brought together the world's best trained Cybersecurity Specialists & Crime Detectives at your disposal. With spotless attention and agility, we make the solutions look simple!

We engage a comprehensive approach, where all online financial security and individual data usage are thoroughly reviewed. Our executive protection services ensure that they do not become a vulnerability in the future either.

We cover most of the major industries like finance, retail, medical, defense, banking, etc. Connect with us today to be protected 24 hours a day and explore your C-suite options.

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