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Penetration Testing

Everywhere we look, organizations are being hacked. Many believe that firewalls and anti-virus products are sufficient protection. Unfortunately, this is not true. Techforing.com provides a comprehensive Penetration Test service that identifies the vulnerabilities within systems and infrastructure and determines the exposure to cyber threats such as DDoS attacks, malware, data theft, and many more. The Penetration Test results in an in-depth report that includes actionable recommendations of suitable and pro-active countermeasures.

our methodology of pen testing
Our Methodology

Cybercrime is at an all-time high and cybercriminal technology is advancing too rapidly for conventional methods of protection to work.

A penetration test is designed for any company of any size to assess the vulnerabilities that may exist in its systems and to understand where its existing security posture sits.

In other words, the test determines the security of its business and its data. As we all know, data has become a paramount asset for any business and in our current times, businesses are spending millions on money to recover data that has been lost or stolen.

Stolen or compromised data may result in adverse effects such as blacklisting and business closure.

Any business, no matter how large or small, should undertake penetration testing if the business deals with sensitive or valuable customer information. In fact, recent statistics have shown that smaller companies are increasingly becoming targets for cyber criminals simply because their IT security tends to be weaker. Some of the industrial sectors that require penetration testing include:

  • ■ Retail
  • ■ Banking
  • ■ Education
  • ■ Transport
  • ■ Healthcare
  • ■ Hospitality
  • ■ Information Technology

A lot people confuse penetration testing with vulnerability assessment because they both deal with finding and fixing security holes. They are, however, very different.

Vulnerability testing involves identifying, quantifying or prioritizing/ranking the vulnerabilities in a system. The assessment will often not go deeper than finding the vulnerability and offering a report for the businesses security administrator to act upon.

Penetration testing has a great deal of overlap with a vulnerability assessment, but will provide more in-depth analysis and options for protection. As an initial step, the penetration tester will perform a vulnerability assessment.  Then the penetration tester will take further steps by imitating the activities of a real-world hacker to exploit these vulnerabilities within the bounds of an agreed-upon test.

While vulnerability assessment will often assess the problems, a good penetration test not only shows where they are but also identifies how to protect against them. By the end of the day, both penetration testing and vulnerability assessment are critical to the cybercrime management program of your business.

World-class Penetration Testers with a Holistic Approach

At Techforing.com we use real people to perform system breaches. At the same time, we leverage sophisticated tools along with the same methods that a malicious hacker would. In this way, we make the test as realistic as possible.

Our overall process of penetration testing can be broken down into a series of four phases identified highlighted below. When put together, these phases form a comprehensive methodology for completing a successful Penetration Test.


1. Scoping and Exploration – This is where we learn who you are as a client, the dynamics of your network and what comprises it. That is, all your assets. We also agree upon the timeframe for testing as well as the systems and data to perform the penetration testing.
2. Discovery and Analysis – In this phase, we scan your network both internally and externally to understand all the various vulnerabilities that exist.
3. Exploitation – When we’ve identified the vulnerabilities, we manually exploit each vulnerability and then rate it in several ways to see what impact it can have on your business.
4. Notification and Reporting – Once we have been able to penetrate your systems, we proceed to the most important aspect in our penetration testing process, the report. It gives you a breakdown of everything that we discovered, including evidence of how we discovered it, and most importantly, how to remediate those problems. The vulnerabilities are also rated from critical, high, medium or low followed by an overall security rating for the business in the same way, enabling you to decide which impacts are the most important to you to fix quickly.

Compliance & Accreditation

Using the comprehensive Techforing.com report as a guide, your IT and security team will know what to fix and in what in order of priority. Once fixed, your business will attain compliance with industry or government regulations.

PEN Testing that Leaves No Stones Unturned

We provide penetration testing for all types of targets – both externally and internally accessible infrastructure and services. This includes web applications, networks, hardware, mobile devices or even humans, through our physical testing.

Our services can be delivered as a one-time service or on a recurring service for maximum protection

Our Penetration Testing services focus on:

  • ☛ Networks/Firewalls
  • ☛ Wireless network testing
  • ☛ Physical security testing
  • ☛ Web applications such as HTTP / HTTPS (SSL)
  • ☛ Technical testing of your cloud based infrastructure
  • ☛ Technical testing of your internal network infrastructure
  • ☛ Networking gear including routers, switches, access points and more
  • ☛ Technical testing on any other IT system or peripheral that may pose security vulnerability in a client’s environment
  • ☛ Technical testing of your internally accessible infrastructure such as workstations, mobile devices, DNS services, email servers, databases, VOIP services, etc.
  • ☛ Technical testing of your externally accessible infrastructure such as servers in your DMZ, RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), VPN, IPsec end points, web applications, etc.

We guarantee to provide your company with remediation and mitigation steps to address all the vulnerabilities we identify during our testing. What makes us stand out, however, is a combination of our world-class data security team and highly advanced automated tools all under one roof.

Drawing from years of experience of infiltrating the networks of some of the world’s greatest adversaries, we have developed advance techniques to penetrate target networks. This includes hybrid penetration testing approach that goes far beyond conventional automated scanners, but leveraging the highly skilled human factor that exposes all your network and infrastructure’s vulnerabilities. In other words, we hack your IT before the hackers do, ensuring complete security for you and your customers.

Don’t let uncertainty of an insecure network worry you a day longer, contact us today and let us help you get started in building a safer future.

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