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Microsoft Azure

If you find yourself clattering in managing technology instead of focusing on growing your business, Microsoft Azure is the product you must adopt with no further delay.

Microsoft Azure, earlier known as Windows Azure, is a public cloud computing platform offered by Microsoft.  A wide range of cloud based products and services majorly leveraging in compute, analytics storage, and networking are smartly bundled into this platform. These services and products act as building blocks to run existing applications on Cloud or develop and scale new applications.

TechForing is an official partner for Microsoft Azure.

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Offerings by Azure are categorized into various service categories:

  • Compute – Azure has a huge number of compute services. Our Microsoft Azure Compute service gives organizations more control over their IT. By supporting the provision of on-demand resourcing and multiple storage options Azure Compute allows workloads and data to be distributed more freely across existing infrastructures.
  • Web, Mobile, and Applications – Microsoft Azure App Service is a solution built for packaging mobile, web and API apps as well as logic app features. It enables businesses use a framework to develop and deploy mobile and web apps to the Cloud. It also allows for seamless integration of these apps to your existing systems.
  • Storage – Azure offers storage solutions for backup, data archiving, and disaster recovery with the added functionality for extending your on-premises storage solutions to the Cloud. Azure storage options include blob, queue, file, table, and disk or premium. Each option provides elasticity and high availability.
  • Analytics – Stream analytics from Azure enables you to rapidly develop and deploy low-cost solutions to gain real-time information from devices, applications, and your infrastructure in general.
  • Networking – The building blocks of IT infrastructure is networking. Azure Virtual Network is a service that lets you connect to other Azure resources within a virtual network.
  • Media and Content Delivery Network (CDN) – When delivering content to a sizable global audience, it is critical to make certain optimized delivery of video or web content. Packets arriving to the customer from distant locations can lead to a degraded viewing experience — like buffering of videos. Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a solution that is used to cache static web content at locations around the world to provide the best throughput for serving content to your users.
  • Management, Security & Identity, and Access Management (IAM) – Microsoft Azure identity and access management provides secure management of IT services and resources. IAM enables additional levels of authentication, such as multifactor authentication and access policies based on conditions. Other features include advanced security reporting for monitoring suspicious activities on your resources, IT auditing, and notifications.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) – The Azure IoT Suite allows you to capture and analyze your IoT device data to build IoT solutions that scale. Azure IoT Suite integrates seamlessly with your existing processes, devices, and systems to help you leverage existing and new data sources. With these predefined solutions, you can quickly get going with a solution that’s tailored to meet your business needs, then scale IoT projects across your company.
  • Premium Business Intelligence and Analytics – Azure offers data query solutions like SQL and NoSQL for business intelligence with out-of-the-box support for data analysis. You are able to uncover tips for enhancing business processes and decision.
  • Integration with Existing Microsoft Tools – Organizations that use existing Microsoft software and tools such as SharePoint, Exchange, Dynamics CRM and Office can seamlessly integrate these existing products with Azure.
  • Reliability – Microsoft has a global infrastructure of managed data center; currently across 19 regions worldwide. Azure boasts of a highly available service with 99.95% uptime and added support and monitoring.



Our Cloud solutions help you make an agile transformation with process automation and Cloud adoption.

  • Azure Cloud Advisory Service – The cloud computing evolution has changed how businesses do business by bring to the table, fast, and efficient solutions. Our team of advisors provide you with the best recommendations for your Cloud infrastructure and solutions and enable your business journey through your Cloud adoption and IT transformation with the execution of a robust cloud strategy.
  • Azure Cloud Migration Service – Irrespective of whether you are trying to move your on-premise data center to the Cloud or if you are starting out with cloud computing, our migration experts can help you transform with ease and speed. We are here to migrate your workloads at scale.
  • Premium Service Assurance – Premium service assurance enables the designing, deployment, monitoring, and management of your Cloud applications with the best security practices and compliance to industry standards. We enable agility for your business through the automation of your existing infrastructure workloads.
  • Guaranteed Low cost with the best Cloud infrastructure – Our Azure storage gurus enable your business design to be created with low cost and best performance in mind for your customers. We offer cloud-based data management, along with increased flexible data storage at cheaper for companies that want to reduce the intricacies of infrastructure management. We also enable powerful and secure cloud backup.
  • Premium Data Analysis – Our team of data analysts help businesses take advantage of Azure’s Hadoop-based cloud solution. We analyze Hadoop clusters, as well as, SQL Servers in the Cloud to better analyze the data. We offer premium data analysis, leveraging Microsoft Azure’s reputable HDInsight to aid in decision making.

With thousands of Azure Cloud migrations for businesses under our belt, we are experts at architecting and building cloud solutions on the Azure platform.

Our services range from technology assessments to customized hybrid cloud migrations.

We take the time to listen to your needs and assist you in automating your business processes.  We would like you to focus on your mission, not your technology.

We have many Azure Certified Architects who have extensive experience architecting Azure. This puts us well above the rest, as your preferred Azure Cloud solutions partner.

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