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Malware Removal

Has your website been infected or blacklisted? Malware removal is essentially the scanning and removal of infected files on your website or computer. The process is a series of actions that must be taken following a hack or injection of corrupted files. Malware is malicious software typically used for illicit reasons and which disturbs the normal function of websites, apps, and computers. Its removal is essential to the security of your information. Software is used by hackers to gain access to your system in order to gather sensitive data, system access, and further extortion purposes. The malware removal process should be initiated as soon as you know something is wrong; the more time that passes, the more you’re subject to compromise and data loss. Therefore, we initiate the removal process immediately after you contact us.

Hackers can use exploit kits in order to install Trojan viruses on your computer. You also may be familiar with spam email with infected attachments used by hackers to take advantage of your data. It’s our guarantee to remove the malware causing your issue and to restore your site, computer, or network to full function. Our malware removal services are conducted by experienced professionals. With Techforing, you get real, live professionals working on your issue, not automated software.


Motivation behind attacksJanuary 2017

Malware left on your system can be detrimental for individuals and businesses alike. There is no industry or country that hasn’t been subject to the negative effects of malware. Through the utilization of system monitors, malware has the potential to steal your financial data or your customer data in addition to gathering more information without your knowledge. Although it is a widespread problem, there is a solution.

A user’s privacy is completely sabotaged by the presence of this harmful software. If you operate a site that benefits from any Google traffic, malware on your site poses a considerable threat. You can become blacklisted and this exclusion is significant. But it is possible to recover without significant harm. The key to recovery is to take action immediately after discovering the malware.

We’re proud to say that we’ve helped many people avoid the paralyzing effects that malware has on life and business. Our team of experts has more than a decade of hands-on experience providing malware removal services. Removing malware from your website is no problem because that’s a small part of the many services we are proud to offer.

No matter how complex your malware issue is, removal is conducted in three steps:

1.  Update of script, themes, and plugins
2. Prevention of future malware injection
3. Detailed scanning, removal, and replacement of infected software and files

Following malware removal, your site will be updated, secured, and hardened. All necessary updates are included with service, since outdated software can pose security issues. You’ll receive a full report of all changes made to your site, device, or network, including any additional security and blacklist removal. We go the extra mile to remove and replace each infected file and secure your website or device against hackers. We understand that a malware infection occurs unexpectedly and we’re available to help you whenever you need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And continued benefits include professional maintenance and ongoing assistance from an experienced and friendly support staff.

Our malware removal services eliminates issues such as:

☛ Redirects
☛ System crashes
☛ Clickjacking
☛ Erroneous messages and iframes
☛ Frozen screens
☛ Significantly reduced computer functionality
☛ Reduced hard drive space
☛ Abnormally high network activity
☛ Backdoors

Our engineers and security experts expedite the process of malware removal as well as removal of any backdoors. Rest assured that your system or site will resume full functionality with reinforced security and no possibility of bugs.

Our methodologies are comprehensive, detailed, and afford us the ability to detect malware programs capable of hiding themselves.

At Techforing, we fully apply our security expertise and put it to work for you. Your security solution is our number one priority. Additionally, your services include the repair of existing malware issues caused by the program. If you’ve been subject to the injection of malicious software, contact us for professional malware removal.

We provide customized long-term security solutions to prevent further hacking and infection. Our approach to security and application of technology is the best insurance for your information and systems.

Is your site or device infected?