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Database Security Assessment

Database security assessment is a process that fundamentally measures the database risk at any given point. It is used to measure the database vulnerability and evaluate the database’s susceptibility measure; this involves penetration tests on the database.

Databases form the core and vital component for organizations. All secure and private information is part of the database. Securing the database is as important as securing the organization system and networks.

It forms a core component of defining the right access and privileges to use the database. Unrestricted access and loop-holes in the existing access controls of databases can reveal a lot of private and confidential information.

Database vulnerability listings and thorough assessment helps to transparently scan the database for known vulnerabilities and against security standards and compliance.

TechForing provides you with a complete and comprehensive database security assessment, which lets you secure your database against all vulnerabilities.


  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • IBM DB2
  • SAP Sybase
  • PostgreSQL
  • MariaDB
Industry Wide Database Vulnerabilities

Databases are core components of any system and securing this is crucial. They carry sensitive and private information and should not be exposed to any kind of unwanted, unrestricted access.

Database security compliance will make you stand out in the market, and prove that your system’s data is safe and secure; building customer confidence while accessing your services and systems.

Database Security assessment helps to:

  • ☛ Provide database security compliance
  • ☛ Protect systems from unrestricted access
  • ☛ Maintain the required privileges
  • ☛ Have accurate and efficient databases
  • ☛ Scan for vulnerabilities

TechForing provides database security assessment for a wide range of databases. We let you understand your database vulnerabilities and work towards securing your database.

We cover almost all of the commonly used databases including SQL and NoSQL. We provide database security assessment for the following list of databases:

  •  Oracle
  •  MySQL
  •  MSSQL
  •  PostgreSQL
  •  DB2
  •  MongoDB
  •  Big Database
  •  Firebird

Techforing provides a number of database security assessment services. Some of them are:

  • Access Control – By providing the required access controls, we implement selective restrictions on access to your database, based on your requirements. Permissions are provided based on authorization. Secure access is made using database locks and login credentials. Only defined sets of roles will be allowed to access the database.
  • Auditing and logging – We provide regular and complete auditing of your database activities. We track any unexpected or unusual activities in your database, and provide effective and up-to-date logging of all database activities.
  • Authentication – We ensure the right authentication mechanism is in place. Users are validated, and securely access the database, ensuring there is no unrestricted access.
  • Data Governance – We provide the required data governance to secure all of your data, and any kind of encryption, if required. This helps in maintaining the integrity of the data.
  • Risk Management – Allows you to evaluate the risks in your existing database architecture.
  • Regulatory Compliance – Helps your database achieve the required regulatory compliance certificate with our security testing.
  • Backups – We help you archive required data and do regular backups.
  • Sensitive Information – We aide you in identifying sensitive information pertaining to your database.
  • Identify Security Risk – Potential risks related to unexpected activity in the database are identified, and any misuse by authorized users, administrators, or intruders. We identify unauthorized access to sensitive data, metadata, functions in the database, or sudden unpredictable changes to programs & structures within database and/or security configurations.
  • Malware Infection – Detect malware infections which can lead to unauthorized access and disclosure of personal or business related data. We detect causes for sudden deletion or damage of data, interrupted or denial of access to the database, attacks on other systems, and failure of database services without reason.
  • Performance – We analyze the performance of a given database, checking on the overloads and any resulting capacity issues which may in turn not allow authorized users access to the database as intended.
  • Physical Damage Recovery – Physical damage of database servers can occur due to various reasons like – floods, overheating, electronic breakdowns, etc. To maintain business continuity, it is essential to manage some kind of an HADR (High Availability Disaster Recovery) backup. Based on your infrastructure, we create the best database recovery mechanism for you.
  • Data corruption – We help you identify data corruption or loss caused due to invalid data commands, mistakes in database or system administration process.

TechForing does complete database security assessment and provides you with perspective about the risks in your database architecture.

The database is a critical component for any organization and carries most of your sensitive and private information. At TechForing we understand your security concerns and work towards rectifying any loop-holes in your database configuration or architecture. We help you in securing your Database, as well as, ensuring immediate and effective remediation to any kind of database security problems.

We work together with our clients to ensure any kind of hardening of database wherever required:

  • We provide Database security assessment for almost all the most used databases; including SQL and NoSQL databases.
  •  We include the latest database in the market and provide assessment for almost all of the latest versions of databases.
  • ✓ We have a team of database security evaluation experts who are highly qualified and trained to handle database assessment.
  •  We provide support to pass all compliance, such as PCI, HIPAA, SOC 2 etc.
  • ✓ We provide support for all of your inquiries and help you make changes to your current database architecture or configuration plans.
  •  We help you track your database activities, and provide audits and logs of each event in your database.

At TechForing, we have built a solid reputation on handling security risk analysis.  We work with our clients to provide efficient remediation for all security threats. Your security concerns are our number one priority, so we will ensure to make all suggestions necessary to protect your databases. TechForing provides complete support, incorporating these changes without slowing down your current database systems.

We also work on helping you pass compliance tests, and provide end to end support throughout this journey. Our experts are here to help you understand complex issues in your database, plan changes for your system, while ensuring there are no impacts on your current database performance.  It is a pleasure for us to respond to all of your inquiries and concerns regarding your database security.

Don't let the hacker steal your sensitive information, assess today.