cyber crime investigation and forensic investigation

Cybercrime & Forensic Investigation

Cybercrime is something that we never wish to happen to you or your organization. In case it takes place, you will need to find out how,  when,  and who carried out the attack to prevent any future cybercrime and bring the malicious attacker under justice. As cyber threats continue to occur, cybercrime prevention is one of the most important partnerships you’ll ever make. We offer enterprise level and individual services to carry out digital forensic investigation and security related services along with proper consultation.

Cybercrime: Top 5 countries

From small cooperations to tech giants, businesses have fallen victim to cyber criminals, resulting in multiple millions of dollars lost and affecting the lives of tens of thousands of customers, workers, and business owners.

Crimes committed involving computers or the internet are simply extensions of the criminal behavior that has been in existence before the rise of technology. At least 45,500 cybercrime reports were issued in 2016 with scams and online fraud being the top crimes. Most cybercrime victims are between the ages of 20 and 40. Acts that infringe on your personal identity, fraud, and stolen intellectual property are all forms of cybercrime.

From the world of social media to the medical industry, cybercrimes have proliferated every industry. Cybercrime takes on many forms and can occur in a number of ways.

Examples of cybercrime that needs investigation:

☛ Identity theft
☛ Money Laundering
☛ Debit/Credit card hack
☛ Cyber threats or harassments
☛ The destruction of valuable data
☛ Malicious attack on any infrastructure
☛ Hacked email,websites, database, servers, PCs, and phones
☛ Stolen data from electronic devices (computer/ tab/ smartphone / server etc. )

It’s essential to be proactive to prevent your company’s sensitive information from being hacked. If your data has already been subject to hacking, a follow-up investigation will provide you with the granular details you need to know about the incident.

Depending on the scale of the issue at hand, national and international cooperation of law enforcement may be necessary. You need a forensic investigation team at your side to expedite the legal process and provide needed support. Beyond that, you will also need remediation and possibly data recovery. This is needed to determine the information that was compromised. In some cases, criminals have stolen information from digital depositories and attempted blackmail with the illegally obtained data.

Because cybercrime exists, digital forensic investigation is necessary.

We work with your team to develop a full, strategic plan to achieve your desired outcome, as the complexity and impact of each cybercrime can vary. Our client’s businesses are treated like our own, with the same high level of care. This is why we go beyond the typical scope of services in order to accomplish your specific goals. We begin by analyzing the inner workings of your business, in order to offer our knowledge in a way that is conducive to your organization’s internal functions.

Our services are non-disruptive to business, functioning as an extension of your team. We utilize a wide range of forensic tools (open source and premium) and methodologies to obtain electronic data, history, images, documents, and other files pertaining to the crime.

We provide forensic investigation of the full gamut of cybercrimes including money laundering, digital piracy, hacking, spam, denial of service (DoS), and cyber terrorism.

Our forensic investigation services can be broken into four main areas:

  • 1.  Reporting
  • 2. Prevention
  • 3. Consultation
  • 4. Investigation

Our team of experts performs high level methodologies including but not limited to:

☛ Anti-forensics detection
☛ Network penetration testing
☛ Digital forensic acquisition
☛ Electronic evidence collection
☛ Incident response and forensics
☛ Reverse engineering of malware files
☛ Bit-stream imaging of seized digital media
☛ Examination of computers and electronic devices
☛ Preparation and maintenance of digital case files

Having not only a security strategy in place, but the right professionals to plan and execute that strategy, is crucial. We make it simple to employ high-level security and investigation methods that provide you priceless protection. Forensic investigation allows you to effectively enhance the posture of your security. Get more information about our forensic investigation services by reaching out to us.

Cyber criminals make it their point to steal data, money, or both. When this occurs, you need the perfect blend of a computer scientist and security professional to conduct forensic investigation.

An important step to take for you and your business is to have a team of CHFI certified professionals who have many years of hands-on experience investigating and resolving these issues.  You need computer forensics professionals with reliable tools that have been regularly tested and calibrated, such as tools capable of detecting anti-forensics.

A few of our forensic investigation credentials include:

EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCe)
Certified Computer Examiner (CCE)
GIAC Advanced Smartphone Forensics (GASF)
Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE)

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