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Source Code Auditing

Code auditing provides a complete analysis of source code in all projects. This allows you to identify bugs, security breaches, and any kind of violations in the usage of specific programming languages. It plays a major part in defensive programming, and is used to identify, and eventually help eliminate errors before a software release.

TechForing Ltd helps you easily identify bugs and security threats in the code by doing a complete code audit. We provide end to end solutions for all of your requirements to identify and fix the bugs, issues, and vulnerabilities.

source code auditing

In today’s world, code auditing is an integral part of any kind of development. With the advent of newer technologies, it becomes more important to not only write good and efficient code, but also to secure your code. Imagine a scenario where you have fast and efficient code, but it’s not secure enough. This is extremely risky and could damage the reputation of your product.

Nobody wants hackers to hack their code and do a security breach. Code auditing is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to secure your code. Timely identification of bugs and loop-holes in the code is essential.

TechForing Ltd offers a wide range of services. We help you identify the different vulnerabilities in your code by doing a thorough code scan. The code is audited while in the development stage to detect any security issues before going live, and in the production stage to ensure all codes are secured, well-written, and follow the language’s best security practices, so that they will not be able to easily broken.

Below are some of our services which will help you improve your code quality and secure your code base:

Stress Testing – Stress tests help you identify how much of load your code will be able to withstand. Many times the code works well in development and UAT environments, however, in live production environments this code may fail or result in strange behaviors if it’s not able to handle the load. This is why it is essential to identify the robustness of the underlying code.

TechForing identifies such problem areas and also provides effective solutions. We can identify the error handling, system availability, and any kind of multi-threading issues.

Code Quality Testing – Code quality tests helps to ensure you are using the best coding practices. Maintaining the required code quality helps you in terms of scalability in the future.
TechForing helps you to review your code and provides you with suggestions on the best coding practices you can follow. We provide a static scan of the code, and a detailed approach on alternate coding methodologies, wherever required. Included are the best practices for QA Testing and evaluating the best development methodologies based on your product requirement, such as agile, scrum based, etc.

Vulnerability Assessment – Vulnerability assessments help you identify the potential vulnerabilities that can be exploited in your environment. They look for known weaknesses within your system.

TechForing does vulnerability assessments for OWASP’s Top 10 critical vulnerabilities, such as:

  • ☛ Injection – Injection Flaws, including SQL, LDAP, OS
  • ☛ Broken Authentication and Session Management
  • ☛ Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  • ☛ Broken Access Control
  • ☛ Security Misconfiguration
  • ☛ Sensitive Data Exposure
  • ☛ Insufficient Attack Protection
  • ☛ Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
  • ☛ Component Evaluation for Known Vulnerabilities
  • ☛ Unprotected and Unsupported APIs

Some of the other vulnerability assessments done by TechForing are:

  • ☛ Credential Management
  • ☛ Directory Path Traversal
  • ☛ Incorrect Error Handling
  • ☛ Trust Boundary Violation
  • ☛ Incorrect Session Management
  • ☛ Inadequate Encryption Strength
  • ☛ Improper Resource Shutdown or Release
  • ☛ CRLF – Carriage Return Line Feed Injection

Security Testing – Security testing is designed to actually exploit weaknesses in your system. This is done to achieve a specific attacker-stimulated goal. TechForing does a security test on your system to find out critical security flaws in your system and environment.  This allows you to determine high and low risks.  Some of the assessments done are:

  • ☛ Click Jacking
  • ☛ Buffer Overflow
  • ☛ Information Leakage
  • ☛ Denial of Service Attacks
  • ☛ Check for CORS Implementation
  • ☛ Secure Transmission over http, https, & SSL
  • ☛ Cryptography – to check if data should be encrypted, any weak algorithms

We provide simple and lucid solutions to your most complex issues and vulnerabilities. Our focus is to make your code robust, scalable, improve code quality, remove vulnerabilities and prevent re-occurrence of any of the above mentioned weaknesses.

Making the right choice is not easy, but you can rest assured that we at TechForing never let our clients down. We guarantee this by offering a wide variety of services based on your needs and choices.

We provide:

  • Detailed scanning of your code
  • Conduct complete vulnerability testing
  • Support, depending upon the client’s request.
  • Remediation to your code issues and problems
  • The best services with our certified code auditors.
  • Vulnerability, risk, and security assessment for your complete system, for OWASP’s Top 10 vulnerabilities, and also for other known and commonly occurring threats.
  • Detailed and comprehensive reports based on the client’s request, and regular updates on findings.

We take pride in our ability to provide smooth integrations without any disruption to your existing workflow. Our team consists of certified professionals, with over 20 years of experience, who have immense experience and expertise in their fields.

We are committed to delivering quality services to individuals, business owners, and enterprises. Our solutions are proven and achievable. We are focused on our client’s requirements and employ various well-tested methodologies, as well as, best-in-class services.

At TechForing, we fully apply our security expertise and put it to work for you. Providing you solutions to your security needs is our number one priority! We ensure confidentiality of your information and understand the importance of maintaining your code privacy.

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