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ISO 27001 comprises standards to help keep information assets secure and safe. This aids in organizing, managing, and maintaining cyber security of company assets; such as financial information, employee details, and intellectual property.
Why Do You Need ISO 27001 Certification? The following types of organizations are eligible for undergoing an ISO 27001 audit: Banks Educational Institutes Government Defense Hospitals Retail Among the countless benefits ISO 27001 certification can provide an organization, here are a few noteworthy ones: ISO 27001 helps your organization ensure that the best security practices and procedures are being followed. ISO 27001 compliance makes sure that you have increased credibility among your customers and business partners. Implementation of ISO 27001 can save time and expenses by preventing service disruptions and sensitive data leakage, as well as avoiding regulatory fines, making the processes cost-effective. Once Implementation is complete, you can rest assured that your company is at lower risk. ISO 27001 performs regular security checks, so running regular customer audits isn't necessary, which saves time. ISO 27001 compliance may not be mandatory for GDPR compliance, but it's still a step in the right direction. If your company is still not compliant with GDPR, feel free to take the help of our GDPR compliance consultancy.
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ISO 27001 Compliance

ISO 27001 comprises standards to help keep information assets secure and safe. This aids in organizing, managing, and maintaining the security of an organization’s assets; such as financial information, employee details, and intellectual property. ISO 27001 comprises a series of international standards compiled for information security and focuses on requirements against which an organization’s Information Security Management System (ISMS) can be audited. ISMS is a framework comprising policies and procedures, which includes an organization’s legal, technical, and physical controls in evaluating information risk management processes.

ISO 27001 is not mandatory; however, this certification helps to ensure best industry practices. Any organization, such as banks, hospitals, educational institutions, government, defense, and retail, can undergo ISO 27001 audits. ISO 27001 helps organizations to keep pace with security breaches, vulnerability threats, and business affects, allowing organizations to implement standard procedures.

ISO 27001 explicitly deals with the management of security processes involved in an organization. This caters to information security controls and needs to be evaluated in a timely manner. Not having ISO 27001 not only increases information security risks but also places an organization’s credibility at stake.

  • ISO 27001 helps the organization to prove best security practices and procedures being followed
  • It is important, from a compliance perspective, and additionally makes a strategic difference in the eyes of your customer
  • Helps in placing your business in order and having regular security checks over the system
  • Lowers your expenses by preventing a disruption of services and data leakage

How We Make Our Approach Towards an ISO 27001 Audit


Set Up ISMS Policy

Setting up the required ISMS policy definitions according to the relevancy of our clients is the key element of this step. The relevancy depends on the domain and size of your organization. These policies always revolve around the best data security practices. Our ISO 27001 consultant will help you identify the best-suited policies for your business while providing constant expertise and support.


Define ISMS Scope

The team will work on defining the scope for each of these ISMS policies, a few of which are: Asset classification Business Continuity Plan Communication Management Compliance Environmental Security Information Security Incident Management Organization Security Operations Management Physical Security Security Policies Security Training For Employees System Access Controls System Acquisition System Maintenance


Perform A Security Risk Evaluation

Once the scope of ISMS security policies has been established, we then help you evaluate the current security risks you have by using a tested-and-approved security risk assessment process.


Remediation Of Identified Security Threats

After completing the gap analysis, our expert consultants will start working on the gap remediation, along with the remedy of identified vulnerabilities.


SOA – Statement of Applicability

A statement of Applicability (SOA) is a document that contains 25 objectives and 114 comprehensive controls required in a business that is trying for ISO 27001. The key points of SOA include: Authentication Mechanisms Detailed Procedures Identified Roles Organization's Statement Of Policies Responsibility Guides Risk Management Plans


Justification Of Security Threat Treatment With Documentation

For every control and risk mitigation plan we address, we'll provide you with proper documentation that contains a formal justification for the risk assessments and their solutions.


Implementing Updated Internal Security Controls

There is a list of mandatory and non-mandatory documents which are required as part of the ISO audits. This is a core part of the audit. Our team helps you implement all the appropriate controls effectively.


Quantification Of Effectiveness Of Security Controls

Once the controls are in place, we'll help you measure the effectiveness of each control, and measure their rate of success in terms of completion of control objectives. We help you measure the effectiveness of each control in terms of the completion of its objectives.


Training Organization Employees On Updated Controls

With the new and updated controls in place, all the employees of the organization need to be introduced to the new compliance system with proper training. This training procedure should include all the updated policies, and procedures and a rundown of the entire system, which will enable the employees to utilize the system to maximize its output.


ISMS Implementation

Integrating ISMS controls is a critical step since we need to have records and substantial evidence of every occurrence within the integration process.


Monitor and Iterate All Controls For Future Consistency

To ensure consistency of the ISO and ISMS controls, the system requires constant monitoring. The 3 vital steps are: Constantly monitoring the required controls of ISO and ISMS, as well as measuring them Verifying ISO and ISMS controls Providing procedural corrections based on the monitoring reports, ensuring continuous improvement.

We also provide the required training to stakeholders responsible for managing the ISO 27001 audit within the organization.

The Importance of ISO 27001 to Todays Business:


Improve information security posture


Align with information security best practice


Gain a competitive advantage


Ensure legal and regulatory Compliance


Why Choose Us?

  • To perform the ISO 27001 internal audits, an organization must be a recognized and accredited member of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF). This requires identifying as a valid, accredited certification body, as well as being defined for ISO 27001. TechForing is a proud member of the IAF and is qualified to perform ISO 27001 ISO Audit related operations.
  • TechForing's technical consultants are qualified to guide your business through the entire certification process, along with ISMS policy evaluation, ISMS implementation, and gap assessment, along with incident response support.
  • Our team is highly adaptable and cooperative, which increases the chance of proper cooperation and a higher rate of productivity..
  • Our consulting services also include the renewal of your ISO 27001 compliance. By taking every detail into account, our consultants turn the goal to achieve certification into our utmost priority.

In Need Of ISO 27001 Consulting Services?

contact our ISO 27001 consultants for a simplified certification process for your compan


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