Dearborn Real Estate Exam Prep 2019Real Estate Exam Preparation App

Project Description

Dearborn is the USA’s Leading Wholesale Real Estate Education Provider. They provide education content.Also, they provide real life exam modules. This modules includes exam-like questions, audio and videos. So that, it helps to get preparation to sit in a Real Estate Exam. Primarily, it allows a limited range of content. So that, the participants can understand the models and can have a better understanding before upgrading to premium features. Dearborn Real Estate Exam Preparation app provides a huge amount of contents. Contents include 540+ exam practice questions, 100+ minutes of in- depth audio content. Also, it has 190+ minutes of detailed videos.Not only resources, but also it provides unlimited access to all sections. Also, it has 720+ must know study guides. Most importantly, the main objective of Dearborn Real Estate Exam app is to help examinee to pass in Real Estate Examination.

Tools & Technology

  • Java
  • Android Sketch Paper
  • The Official SDK Emulator
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