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Vulnerability Assessment

Most businesses take steps to evaluate their network security after experiencing an unfortunate event or because they are concerned about potential future threats. Active steps for prevention are better than any cure, and information security is no different. Any networked IT infrastructure is potentially vulnerable, so anyone managing a corporate or commercial network needs to know its weak points in order to address protecting it.

We offer a unique approach to security and specifically to vulnerability assessment to protect your business from harm, secure it from intrusion, maintain the confidentiality of your data,   and seclude commercial information from prying eyes.

Ransomware 65%
IoT vulnerabilities 55%
Email/ Social Engineering/ Data breaches 38%
IoT for DDoS attacks 35%
2017 Top Cybersecurity Threats

Timely identification and remediation of IT infrastructure is something every organization needs before cyber criminals or disgruntled employees exploit the weaknesses. The process of identifying vulnerabilities, evaluating risk, providing remediation and reporting is known as Vulnerability Assessment.

The need to understand the state of an organization’s overall information system is ever more important now

Many organizations consist of:

☛ Distributed computing
☛ Multiple internet-information access systems
☛ Multiple applications, including third party applications
☛ Heterogenous computing environments with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux/Unix, Mobile computing

At the same time, best practices in information security acknowledge that a defensive-only approach to securing an enterprise does not suffice.  Frequently, these existing defensive security mechanisms in place such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems are either not configured properly or are not capable of locating all the vulnerabilities and threats on the network, especially at the device level.

Performing regular security vulnerability assessment helps bridge the gap by allowing an organization to take a proactive stance towards protecting their information computing environment. The bottom-line objective is to safeguard the intellectual and electronic assets of the organization, and to ensure compliance with appropriate regulations.

In addition to automated tools, we use manual testing techniques to validate all automated results and to uncover vulnerabilities and security weaknesses in a manner that is consistent with industry leading security frameworks highlighted below:

  • OSWAP top 10 – A reference list of the 10 most critical web application security risks
  • SANS top 20 critical security controls – A reference list of the common errors in software’s and apps
  • CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) –A reference list of the publicly known security vulnerabilities
  • Application Program Development – Including Zero day attacks
  • Assessment tools: Both open source and paid tools

Our vulnerability assessment services are expressly designed to test your organization’s internal and external infrastructure against known vulnerabilities and exposures. Once identified, you are able to efficiently fix the issues.

Our first step is to study in detail all the threats that apply specifically to you in your protected environment. We work from the point-of view of an adversary.  During this process, we figure out all potential avenues which adversaries might take to infiltrate, exploit, surveil, steal or attack your organization.

  • Social engineering testing – Social engineering is a term that describes the non-technical intrusion into an organization that relies on human interaction, often involving tricking people in order to break normal security policies. We meet with as many people and stakeholders in your organization as possible to learn about your potential vulnerabilities. These interactions also provide a forum to measure acceptance levels of security procedures we may recommend.
  • Internal network breach assessment – it is estimated that approximately 80% of security breaches occur from inside the internal network. This network breach assessment will analyze the risk to internal devices such as servers, networking devices, VoIP, PCs and other computer peripherals. We shall then suggest specific techniques to resolve any concerns identified.
  • External network breach assessment – These are the vulnerabilities that may exist between a customer’s external network and the internet. These include your internet gateways such as firewalls and external routers, websites, and cloud environments.
  • Wireless network testing – Wireless technologies do not have the physical restrictions used in conventional wired environments. They make it possible for someone in the lobby, the parking lot, or across the street to have access to a network carrying sensitive financial or corporate data, personal or customer information, competitive data, or trade secrets. Our assessment will help you to identify insecure wireless implementation that puts your organization at risk.
  • Penetration testing – Penetration testing is a method of probing and identifying security vulnerabilities in your network and the extent to which they could be exploited by a cybercriminal. Even though penetration testing is an independent assessment technique, it is often combined with vulnerability analysis to achieve a more complete assessment. Please click here to understand more about penetration testing.
  • Assessment Report – After analyzing your threats and risks, we make security recommendations for every vulnerability we identified. Our recommendations will always address the three components of every security system: procedures, people and technology. All of our findings and recommendations are delivered to you in a detailed report which you can use as a working document for remediating your security vulnerabilities. If needed, we can help you through any remediation process through ongoing consultation, implementation, training and quality assurance services.

We are a one-stop shop which you can rely upon to address and help resolve all your security concerns. In other words, we become your trusted security advisor. We are there every step of the way from the moment you engage us. We will have our security experts on the ground and on the phone to set up your security infrastructure as well as the policies and procedures to manage it appropriately.

  • Independent – Many cybersecurity consultants will try to sell you on technology or services through companies or contractors they work with. At TechForing, we work independently and can guarantee that our best interest in mind is your security, and only your security.
  • Relevant experience – Security is a broad subject with many areas of expertise; we come with an excellent track record and 15 years of experience in a variety of projects and disciplines. All elite security hold industry certifications such as CISSPs, CEHs, PMPs, CISMs, and many more.
  • We can learn and adapt – Every customer has different priorities, operational needs, and threat concerns. This is why boilerplate security solutions don’t work effectively or completely. We come up with creative customized solutions that fit your unique environment and culture.
  • We know your adversaries – We know how cybercriminals operate; this knowledge informs every recommendation we make and ensures that the security countermeasures are effective.

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