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VMware is a leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions that help businesses grow in the digital age. VMware is considered, by many, to be the gold standard in virtualization.  Customers rely on VMware to help them transform the way they build, deliver, and consume Information Technology resources in a manner that is evolutionary and based on their specific needs.




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With VMware you can extend the power of virtualization to networking and storage. VMware’s solutions and technologies give you unique virtualization and security models, instant deployment, and full management capabilities. The following solutions are offered by VMware;

  • Virtualization: It enables businesses to deploy several operating system environments and software programs into a single host server in the same deployment or schedule. VSphere is VMware’s package of virtualization solutions. VMware suite also includes products like vCenter Server, vMotion, vSphere, vSphere Client, and ESXi
  • Infrastructure Security and Virtual Networking: VMware NSX is a virtual security and networking product that enables admins to virtualize their network components and infrastructures, assisting them in provisioning, designing, developing, and deploying virtual switches & networks, using software instead of traditional hardware. The Hypervisork which is directly below the software layer, allows the administrator to decompose a traditional “physical” network infrastructure into several virtual networks.
  • VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC): VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center Structure, SDDC for short, is an alternative that brings together significant and complete compute, storage, network virtualization, and management options into one solution.
  • Cloud Computing and Management Platforms: VMware cloud computing solutions allow you to run both legacy and new software in the Cloud. You are able to effectively manage the lifecycle of solutions delivered at an atmosphere that is hybrid. In addition, it is possible to simplify and enhance your data center with consistent direction, smart operations, and also built-in automation. VMware vCenter Server is a solution that allows you to decrease the number of physical servers that your business may have. VMware View is a program that handles workstations by making the workings of the workstations virtual. Software updates are all managed in one central location; the VMware vCenter Lab Manager. This solution allows you test software and system configurations, and updates your software effortlessly.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery – Firms are always challenged with making sure their business-critical software and data is all highly accessible. VMware provides a comprehensive package of business continuity and disaster recovery options which offers data protection, high availability, and disaster recovery. The Site Recovery Manager, also known as VMware SRM, is a disaster recovery product that enables admins to define and manage recovery plans that are executed automatically after a failure. The Site Recovery Manager also helps administrators orchestrate the failover solutions put in place for virtual machines. This also integrates seamlessly with NSX in the preservation of IT security and network policies onto the newly migrated virtual machines. Everything is automated.
  • Cost Savings on Infrastructure: Virtualization is beneficial for your business because it is cheaper to have several virtualized machines than many physical servers. Machine replacement and upgrades, in addition to server and workstation maintenance, are more economical and you should not have to worry about a physical server or workstation in this case.
  • Disaster Recovery and Automated Backup: Virtual Machines are hardware-independent and enable the restoration of images, which are hardware backups that can be deployed on vSphere. This means that you can migrate your images across hardware. In addition, SRM automates the failover and testing of virtual machines to ensure automatic recovery.
  • High Availability: VMware brings high availability to your infrastructure. When a virtual machines is on failed hardware, it will do an automatic reboot onto the other hosts in the cluster, using VMware’s HA (High Availability) feature. This will minimize downtime to a mere 1 or 2 minutes. Features such as vMotion and storage vMotion (svMotion), as well as, VMware High Availability (VMHA) and DRS ensure that your virtual servers have better performance and higher availability than if your servers were physical machines.

We help our clients leverage the virtualization technologies offered by VMware to benefit their business. From licensing to infrastructure design to virtual machine migrations, our team of Certified VMware Experts provide services and capabilities, and leverage the unique virtualization technologies of VMware.

  • VMware Licensing: There is a requirement to get the license for VMware services before usage. To get the maximum benefits, TechForing will help you negotiate with vendors in relation to cost and conditions. The interest of our clients is our number one concern, so we ensure to always get the correct licensing for services used by them.
  • Infrastructure Design and Virtualization: Designing a good cloud infrastructure with virtual machines is achieved with careful planning and sound architecture. Allocating IT resources and forecasting your capacity requires expert knowledge with virtualization and infrastructure design to prevent over-allocation of resources and wasted money. Our team of experienced vSphere administrators and architects help clients to correctly configure their vSphere environments in a way that will prevent possible outages, poor performance, or lost earnings.
  • Virtual Machine Migration: Using VMware vSphere live migration, our infrastructure architects help you move your entire virtual machines onto another server, in a seamless fashion, ensuring you experience little to zero downtime while retaining the network identity and connection. With thousands of successful migrations, we guarantee a seamless migration process that takes less than two seconds on a gigabit Ethernet network.
  • Virtualization Management Services: TechForing provides virtualization management services for your VMware infrastructures. We provide VMware virtual infrastructure that can help improve availability, performance, and utilization of your IT resources. This means fast, flexible, and reliable recovery of virtualized applications.

As a VMware partner, we use VMware’s products and services to provide premium solutions that transforms your IT infrastructure and reduces the complexities of deploying your unique workloads.

We help businesses with the adoption of cloud, which address pressing business pain points. With several technical certifications, we have achieved a track record of successful VMware implementations by creating a deep understanding of the VMWare service offerings and unique solutions.

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