Architecture Design

If you’re a start-up looking forward to designing Windows-based systems in your environment, or your organization is using Windows-based systems and needs to review the architecture, we can help! We’ll take the responsibility to design your architecture from scratch, as well as, provide help to make the required changes to your existing architecture.

An evaluation of your business needs will be done to ensure the right architecture is designed, keeping in mind scalability, reliability, performance, and availability. While designing the architecture, an evaluation will be done in regards to the system compatibility with the database and other core components like firewall, load balancer, gateways, network, backup and recovery mechanism, storage etc. Along with performance, we will also ensure to obtain the highest level of security while designing your architecture.

All of our designs include the most appropriate monitoring and alert mechanisms to avoid any unexpected occurrences in your business.

Server Configuration

We provide support for server installation and configuration for almost all versions, from Windows 2008 to 2016 - covering the latest and more dated Windows versions.A wide range of services are provided in relation to server configuration; including, initial server set-up, and our main focus which is helping to manage and make any necessary changes in server configurations. We keep your server and all applications up to date, while applying essential security patches.

We help you Install or disable specific services existing in the server and extend support to start, stop, resume, or pause services manually or automatically within the server, as you need. Additionally, services are provided to configure IIS Web Server, SQLServer, FTP and Exchange Server, Office 365, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Sharepoint.

We define server roles, group policies, manage Active Directory, and ensure effective space utilization and performance to provide top notch server configuration. Lastly, we trouble-shoot your issues, fix the problems, and offer recovery management, where required.


We’ll help you automate your work flow, thereby eliminating time consuming and repetitive processes. Automation helps to create reliability and improved system efficiency. This allows an organization to spend time on more productive tasks, and ensure the repetitive tasks run error-free.

Support is provided to implement cloud automation, such as in Microsoft Azure. We create scripting based automation such as by creating a .bat and ensuring certain tasks are completed. We also provide scheduling for these automated tasks using Windows Task Scheduler and AT command. For newer versions of Windows, such as Windows Server 2012 and later, scheduling is provided using schtasks. In the case of Powershell, we provide support by using Scheduled Tasks - cmdlets in Windows Power Shell.

For regular application builds, support is provided to install and configure Windows-based build managers, such as Jenkins, and to automate your testing process, we offer selenium based scripting.

Performance Tuning

Performance tuning support in provided for Windows Server 2008, 2012 R2, and other versions, and for 32-bit and 64-bit OS. We help monitor your server performance and other components in the infrastructure such as database, network, load balancer, etc. We also provide performance tuning across cloud based platforms. Our Windows experts closely monitor your architecture and system performance, and based on the analysis, we fine tune the performance of your system to ensure maximum utilization of CPU and I/O bandwidth.

A check for system hardware performance will be done, based on the requirement of address space, CPU utilization, maximum core performance, cache, RAM, file system partitions, available disk space, paging, and memory manager.

Additionally, we help to evaluate and fine-tune the performance of web servers, file servers, Active Directory, Hyper-V servers, and Virtualization hosts. Support is also provided for performance tuning in Windows WebFarm.

Server Hardening

In order to prevent any hacking attacks to the server, we provide services to harden your server. Hardening is done for any Web, Database, DNS, or Exchange Server, any other type of specific service. We perform a complete vulnerability assessment on your server to find all loop holes, and fix them to harden the server.

Choosing the proper restrictive file permissions, providing the most strict permission policies for services and registry entries, closing any unused open ports, configuring firewall policies, and managing the proper authentication and user policies are just a few of the actions we will take while hardening your windows servers.

We also apply specific OS patches, security updates, and service packs based on your Windows Server version.As an additional hardening policy, we apply malware protection and antivirus support. We’ll help you make changes to stop any automatic updates and always allow you to trigger a manual update after a thorough review of the updated patch.


All of your maintenance related activities such as server, database, and system and network maintenance will be handled by us. We’ll monitor your systems for any suspicious activity or errors. In order to properly maintain servers, they require updates from time to time. We can configure and install the latest updates and security patches for you.

Afterward, we’ll monitor your server performance based on logs and other audit trails. Maintenance of applications will be handled by using Windows maintenance schedule, and we’ll configure your system’s Windows Automatic Management to schedule these tasks. We will closely monitor your network and traffic to check for any unnoticed down time, and also scan for viruses and malware, ensuring complete protection.

Regular scans of your Windows Server system files will be done, to check for any data corruption issues. We’ll also provide 24/7 monitoring to ensure we are able to correctly track activities and maintain your infrastructure’s core components.


In order to restore your system, in the case of a disaster, we need to have the right backup plan. We ensure to provide you the right plan, and manage any unforeseen crash in your system, while helping you continue with your business - without impacting any services.

We’ll help you schedule regular backups for your websites, database, and server. These will be triggered on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and will be shipped to a remote location.

Disk backups and physical or virtual machine backups will be provided to ensure your critical data is safe and secure. If your organization requires cloud based backup, such as Microsoft Azure Backup, we’ll provide you the support needed to use these services and ensure the archiving and backup of all your critical data and system components.

Disaster Recovery

Our Windows Disaster Recovery mechanisms allow you to maintain business continuity and ensure the least amount of system down time. We help you create a suitable disaster recovery plan, and provide different approaches to replicate and protect your data. Apart from disk backups, we use other tools to secure your data in case of an unanticipated loss of data.

We use backup-creating tools, including Macrium Reflect, which is used for imagining and the cloning of data, and also schedule regular backups. Sophisticated techniques for disaster recovery are implemented, and tools such as Clonezilla and Quick Disaster Recovery are used. We ensure to make use of the right storage mechanism with sufficient backup capacity such as SAN or NAS, and help you create active mirrors, if required.If the architecture has an Active Directory, we create a suitable recovery plan since this will be the first point of entry for any network traffic. We also support Windows Server Failover Clustering, to support geographically diverse clustering. As the basic step, we ensure to setup the right capacity UPS to prevent any data loss in the event of a power failure.

Cloud VPS Administration

Support is provided for Virtual Private Servers installed on the Windows platform. We help with your set-up and installation of VPS on Windows, as well as, the configuration. Configuring and Managing a VPS can be a very tedious task for any organization which has significant web presence; however, we take this load off your shoulders by handling all of your VPS administration tasks.

We provide support for a wide range of well-known VPS such as Windows Azure, Amazon AWS, IBM Softlayer Hosting, RSA WebHosting, CloudShare VPS Hosting, Linode, Rackspace, etc. If you do not have a web presence and wish to migrate to use a VPS, we analyze your current system architecture, evaluate the feasibility, and provide the best VPS option. We’ll help you launch your new servers and configure your existing servers in the VPS space.

Along with the set-up of VPS, we’ll also configure security patches, help you maintain the right access, and define the needed roles to use VPS. In the event of an issue or outbreak of services, we will co-ordinate with the VPS provider directly to resolve it.


Support is provided to restore your systems in case of a sudden failure. If the system has lost data or has been corrupted, due to hacking or other accidental incidents, we help to restore the system back to its original state.

In the event of a system crash, we’ll restore the system back to its original state by using third party tools to deep-dive the system configuration and help restore the data and boot files. We will provide support to recover Windows server from the regular scheduled backup, and ensure servers are restored back to their default configurations.

Based on your needs, we can also restore a specific partition or volume, and will restore database, archived files, file systems, and Windows bootloader configurations. We provide complete support to recover from a sudden damage to an infrastructural component or any event of data loss.


Help is provided so that you can migrate from an existing server to a new server, such as when you want to migrate from a DHCP server to Windows Server2012 R2, or migrate Active Directory Certifications for Windows Server. While doing the sever migration, we ensure the least amount of impact on your business continuity.

If you have an outdated network or infrastructure and want to migrate to the latest infrastructure trend, we can help you plan and execute it. We’ll also help you migrate from one database to another – this could be either the same database with a different version or could be a new database altogether.

Other migration services provided include handling of web servers, network changes, and websites migration. During the process, we will ensure a smooth and seamless migration.

Monthly Analysis

We maintain, monitor, provide backups, and restore your system and infrastructure; however, in addition to all these services, we also provide a monthly analysis report. Our analysis is based on what we’ve been monitoring, and these stats help us maintain your system by providing a monthly analysis report - this helps you understand the trends in various activities.

Monthly analysis is provided in regards to the performance of a specific system, server, and database. The analysis is also done for different system configurations such as CPU utilization, bandwidth, traffic, etc. In the event of any security patches or updates being made, we’ll provide a report showing the frequency of such events.

Additionally, we’ll give you a monthly analysis report showing system downtime, crashes, and any other incidents that can impact the regular flow of business. We ensure these reports are relevant and add value to your organization’s infrastructure, performance, and growth.

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Qualified Experts

TechForing has a team of highly qualified professionals who can cater to your issues and provide immediate resolutions. Due to the diverse skill sets we possess, our solutions are tested and highly proven across varied client platforms.

Cost Effective Solutions

We provide simple and lucid solutions for all of your system issues, based on your budget. Since we work on diverse platforms, we know the comparative costs of different technologies and are able to provide extremely cost effective solutions.

On Demand Support

Handling outages and downtime during business hours can be a very challenging job for any organization. Our on-demand support helps you maintain the continuity of your business without any severe impact.

Managed Hosting

There are multiple add-on services that a hosting platform offers, and we provide help in choosing the right services based on your business needs. Host anything you like and let us worry about the technical issues.


TechForing designs appropriate system architecture based on your business strategy. We provide consultation to solve all of your technology related queries, and structure your architecture with the perfect balance of technology and innovation.

Remote Administration

We continue to provide support to geographically diverse regions through our excellent remote administration channels. This helps the client maintain business continuity, as well as, provides the required assurance to the client regarding accessing remote help whenever needed.

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