personal online security training

Personal Online Security Training

In today’s world of technology and Internet the term Personal Online Security has created a whole new vibe across the globe. Online Security is essential to keep your data secure, safe, private, and confidential. The online world is vast and amazing; however, this also has some risks.

Personal Online Security Training helps Internet users get accustomed to the ways of securing their online usage. It allows you to maintain privacy and data security while accessing the Internet and also when you are offline. You may have already faced a security breach or you may be interested in preventative measures to avoid such occurrences; in either case, doing Personal Online Security Training gives you knowledge of the possible threats in the online world and ways to avoid them.

TechForing provides Personal Online Security Training to secure your Internet activities.

Online banking 71%
Online shopping 57%
Referencing photos of themselves 27%
Browsing pornography 16%
Browsing social media at work 14%
Checking out an ex on social media 10%
Looking up a new job at work 9%
% of People Who Are Concerned About Privacy

If you are an Internet user, then maintaining personal online security is essential. This is important irrespective of whether you are a novice user or an expert user. It takes only a few seconds to get cheated and hacked on the Internet!

There are certain sets of standards and measures of caution that can be taken while we are browsing the Internet and doing any kind of online activities. These measures will help to safeguard your online activities and makes sure you remain free from getting manipulated over the Internet.

What exactly categorizes as Personal Online Security?

  • ☛ Securing your email ID passwords & ways to create stronger passwords
  • ☛ Making secure and safe online transactions using your credit/debit cards
  • ☛ Using social media in a secure way
  • ☛ Securing yourself from untrusted emails in your inbox
  • ☛ Preventing phishing attacks
  • ☛ Ways to check for secure sites
  • ☛ Avoiding virus and malware attacks

Above are just a few examples of what could be termed as Personal Online Security, however, the list is exhaustive and gets longer day by day with the advent of newer technologies.

At TechForing we provide solutions to all of your online security problems by providing complete training that will allow you to browse the internet safely. It arms you with techniques to identify, prevent, and remain cautious online.

As part of our personal online security training, we equip you with some of the latest security measures that you need to adhere to while being online. This will give insight into web security and aides you in keeping your identity, day to day transactions, and data secure and private.

These are some of the features we offer as part of Personal Online Security Training:

  •  Maintaining security and privacy while accessing social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  •  Securing your email transactions with well-known password policies.
  •  Preventing (is that what you’re doing?)email interactions with unknown sites or unknown senders, and identifying spam and reporting it.
  • ✓ Fine tuning security settings for email and other social media sites.
  •  Identifying a secure site which uses well defined protocols like http/https and other protocols.
  •  Basics about cyber security; what is cyber security, risks involved, and preventive measures to remain secure.
  •  Maintaining private, secure online transactions while using online banking with either credit or debit cards.
  •  Tips on also how to remain secure while being offline.
  •  Identifying phishing sites and/or emails.
  •  How to identify if an attachment is safe to be downloaded.
  •  Securing your computer with the latest antivirus, spyware, and malware protection. Informing you about what the difference is between each of these, and the best software to secure your laptop or desktop.
  •  How to identify a potential hacking scenario; certain tips and tricks to identify cyber hacking.
  •  Quick remediation in case you have been a victim of a security breach or potential hacking attack.
  •  Identifying if your system is infected by a virus and preventing the re-occurrence of such events.
  •  How to avoid compromising your online security.

Who can take this course?

  • ★ Any individual who is curious to know about online security.
  • ★ Individuals who have been victims of any kind of security breach or attack.
  • ★ Companies requiring employees to undergo online security training.
  • ★ Individuals wanting to know how to stay safe in the cyber world.

TechForing deals with all kinds of security concerns and gives advice for appropriate remediation to your security problems. We are known globally and have a good reputation for dealing with the security concerns of individuals and organizations as a whole. We have a team of trained and certified security experts who can help you around the clock.

  • Cyber World – Explain to you what constitutes as the cyber world. Threats and risks in cyber world, and why it is important to maintain online security.
  • Training – Training is available for all individuals, from any background. It starts from a basic level and explains in detail the different ways to maintain online security.
  • Support – We provide support to help you undergo the training by answering your questions and providing sufficient remediation to all of your security concerns.
  • Updated with Latest Technologies – We are always updated with the latest technology, newer hacking techniques, security breaches, and virus/malware/spyware attacks. This allows us to teach you about the many latest market techniques of hacking, so that you are informed and alert.
  • Team of Experts – TechForing has a team of certified experts. We are CHFI (Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator) certified and have other specialists including; CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker), LPT (License Penetration Tester), ECSA (EC-Council Certified Security Analyst), CNDA (Certified Network Defense Architect), CND (Certified Network Defender), etc. We have all of the relevant experience needed to provide you with complete online security training.
  • Comprehensive Training – Since TechForing is equipped with a vast wealth of knowledge about cybercrimes and related fields, we are able to provide our clients with comprehensive training. After our training, you will have all the knowledge needed to make your online activities more secure.

We know how cybercrimes happen and understand your needs. TechForing has designed this training to cater to the needs of individuals. We provide you with the required training, and our experts will regularly advise you on how to keep your interactions safe while using the Internet.

We understand the nuances of being exposed to any kind of hacking or security breach, and will help you master the art of safe browsing!

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