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NIST Compliance

NIST stands for National Institute of Standards and Technology. NIST is non-regulatory agency of Unites States Department of Commerce. It works towards establishing innovative and industrial competitiveness. It produces guidelines and standards, thereby helping federal agencies to meet Federal Information Security Management Act – FISMA. NIST also provides protection to information and information systems through well-defined standards.

NIST with FISMA develops Federal Information Processing Standards – FIPS. Secretary of Commerce approves FIPS, which federal agencies must abide by. NIST provides guideline information in the form of documents and recommendations through Special Publication – SP 800-series. Office of Management and Budget – OMB, require that federal agencies must comply with NIST standards.

NIST provides set of standards for security controls of information systems which need to be followed by federal agencies. It is government supported standard and companies looking to establish best security practices must use NIST standards.

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NIST compliance provides to ensure the organization’s infrastructure is secure. NIST lays a foundation protocol for compliance regulations such as HIPAA and FISMA.

NIST provides several benefits as mentioned below:

  • Provides security controls to your infrastructure systems
  • Allows to categorize data and information based on risk and security
  • Continuous risk assessment to infrastructure and inventories.
  • Continuous monitoring of system security
  • Provides framework which is reliable and secure
  • Gives required guidelines for base documents for defined security controls
  • NIST cyber security framework helps to identify, implement best cyber security practices
  • NIST framework consolidates all the best rules, regulations and guidelines and assessments into a unified cyber security guide

NIST consists of different sets of series catering to different controls. This includes FIPS – Federal Information Processing Standards, NIST special publications series SP 800 for Computer Security, SP 1800 for Cyber security, SP 500 for Information Technology. Based on the organization’s requirement we help in providing the required NIST compliance.

Our approach towards NIST compliance is –

  • Requirement Understanding – There are several series in NIST and every series has a different publication. Based on business domain and requirement we gather information and develop the required understanding. Our key focus is to understand the NIST compliance level requirement.
  • Compliance Objective Definition – Based on the initial understanding of compliance requirement, we define set of compliance goals and objectives. Our team with NIST expertise helps in developing the guidelines compliance objective.
  • Compliance planning – The next essential step is planning the compliance and gathering required information regarding rules, regulations, policies and constraints. We evaluate each component of your system against the NIST controls to ensure all controls are satisfied as per guidelines. NIST standards require tweaking of certain components in the system. We help you evaluate the required changes in the system and security.
  • Remediation – For all the open points which need to be re-looked at, based on NIST compliance standards, we provide effective remediation. Our NIST experts, provide the required remediation as per NIST standard guidelines.
  • Documentation – We help you gather required data and create the necessary documentation. NIST based documents require specific guidelines. We help create documents based on NIST guidelines.
  • Training – For the audit preparation, we provide the required training to every stakeholder explaining the significance of each control and data gathering for these controls. We provide comprehensive training to give deep insights into the various control structuring as per NIST standards.
  • Internal Audit – As a final step, we conduct internal audit to ensure smooth and seamless NIST compliance audits.

Any federal organization needs to be NIST compliant to accept government outsourced projects. We provide the baseline for NIST compliance. We follow a methodical approach to deal with NIST audits to ensure a very seamless process.

TechForing provides cost effective guidance and support to make organizations NIST compliant. We cater to every single detail required as per NIST audit guidelines.

Our estimated costs vary based on organization size and scope of audit. A rough estimate of the cost is as mentioned below –

  • Requirement analysis and evaluation – $200 – $9000
  • Compliance objective and goal evaluation – $200 – $9000
  • Compliance Planning as per controls – $300 – $12000
  • Remediation – $500 – $30000
  • Documentation support -$400 – $11000
  • Training and Data gathering – $300 – $12000
  • Internal Audit – $400 – $10000
  • Onsite Visit – $500 – $30000

Based on the client requirement and business needs an organization can choose to add or remove a particular step.

NIST consists of multiple series publication catering to various aspects of Information technology data protection and cyber security. It follows best industry standards, thereby allowing compliant organizations to follow secure and protected Information Technology services access. Organizations unaware of NIST guidelines could find it complex to choose the most appropriate NIST compliance required for their business.

TechForing has success in compliance evaluation and successful completion of NIST audits. We have dedicated professionals working towards NIST based standards to ensure successful NIST audits. We evaluate organizations systems and security as per NIST guidelines and suggest amendments to comply the NIST standard guidelines.

We understand the intricacies of NIST standards and provide end to end support through the NIST compliance journey. TechForing follows an extremely systematic approach in dealing with NIST audits thereby ensuring organizations follow best information technology security and governance practises.

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