mobile application security

Mobile App Security

Mobile app security is the extent of protection that an app can provide from malware and hackers. It is evaluating the risks involved in the usage of specific mobile apps, and the exploits that you can be exposed to, because of insecure apps.

A mobile device has a number of components and each of them can be exposed to several security risks. Mobile devices help us remain connected online and can do multiple things over the internet like shopping, online banking, bill payments, and much more.

Mobile apps provide convenience to the users, however, can also expose them to a great amount of risk. Each app we build may vary in its design, and any design flaw could result in a malicious user or hacker using your client’s confidential data.

TechForing does a mobile app vulnerability analysis to ensure the app you build is free from any security breaches and can be safely used by any end-user.

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Companies build mobile apps to ease out end-user experience, so that users can access their services even without getting connected to a system. However, it is equally important to check the mobile app security.

Most of the apps which are surveyed have OWASP’s major security risks. Mobile app security analysis plays a vital role in building the confidence of end-users. Any security breach, while using a mobile app, could lead to leakage of data and privacy content to unauthorized users.

Mobile app security is vitally important around the globe for the following reasons:

  • ☛ Data leaks can be more dangerous with mobile devices
  • ☛ Cyber attacks on mobile devices are increasing day by day
  • ☛ Threats and security breaches have evolved to more sophisticated techniques
  • ☛ Businesses can be threatened while using smart phones
  • ☛ Smart phones are frequently exposed to the Internet for various reasons
  • ☛ Mobile apps have become the latest trends for malicious users to attack your privacy and confidential information.

In order to allow your users to safely enjoy your mobile apps, we need to ensure security of these apps first.

TechForing deals with all your security concerns regarding any mobile app. We do a complete analysis and scan of your developed mobile app security, and help you understand the risks pertaining to using each specific app.

Below are some of the features we offer:

  • Multiple Platforms – We help you with your mobile app security scans and analysis for different platforms such as android, iOS, etc.
  • Automatic Updates – Help to identify how easily an update feature can be high jacked.
  • Permission – Show you what permissions need to be set to access specific mobile apps.
  • App Creation Evaluation – Provides you analysis to decide what is better for your app. Whether a personal app store can be owned and created by a specific firm, or if it is worthwhile to use the existing and commonly used app stores.
  • App Protection – Is the app secure enough against any kind of malware, virus, or Trojan attacks? Analysis on the best steps to make your app as secure as possible is done.
  • Feature Evaluation – Help you to evaluate if any features could pose a potential risk. Also suggests adding certain features to your app, in order to make them more relevant and secure.
  • Authentication – Evaluate if an authentication mechanism is required to be put in place while installing an app. Also a post-installation check to see if a validation mechanism exists to validate the user.
  • Structure Evaluation – Does an app pen test to exploit the vulnerabilities and check to see if the app has been created as per the security guidelines. These vulnerability tests are done against OSWAP Mobile Security Testing guide.
  • MASVS – We check generic security requirements against Mobile Application Security Verification Standards. This is done on the basis of your verification levels that have been chosen depending on your overall security needs.
  • Different Security Levels – We provide evaluation of security at different levels starting from infrastructure, server, and user level. The complete architecture is checked to find any loop holes.
  • Library Verification – All third party libraries, API, and frameworks are listed and checked for known vulnerabilities.
  • Storage – Evaluate the storage of sensitive data used in the app, such as credentials, and if it can be exposed to any exploits.
  • Network – Check if the network transfer protocol used is secure enough to handle sensitive data, and if required encryption policies are in place.
  • Data Validations – Ensure that the app is able to provide functionality to do required data validation while it is received via UI or IPC mechanisms such as custom URLs or other network sources.
  • Protocol – Verify configurations to allow a minimum set of protocol handlers such as http & https. Potentially risky protocols like ftp & telnet should be disabled.
  • Jail Breaking – Check your app safety against potential and common security exploits of jail breaking. Ensure sufficient mitigation and security update features to completely remove the possibility of jail breaking.
  • Session – Evaluate the usage of session information throughout the app. Sessions contain sensitive data and need to be destroyed at the right interval.
  • Bio Metric Authentication – In cases where the app requires bio metric authentication, accurate implementation of bio metric checks need to be made.
  • Logs and Audits – Ensure the app maintains the correct level of logs of user activity, and conducts timely audits.
  • Credential Management – Check for the most secure password policy and credential management structure while users are accessing the app.
  • Cache – Verify that data caching is done only when required, and ensure the keyboard cache is cleared while processing sensitive information.

TechForing does verification of all components used in the app and helps you to identify the security implications of using those components. We suggest and help make amendments to the existing infrastructure and design architecture.

We at TechForing provide solutions to your most complex mobile app security concerns. Mobile apps are extremely easy to be created, however, making a secure mobile app is critical for your business needs.

We are proud to say that we provide:

  • Complete solutions for your mobile app security risks
  • Evaluation of your app’s security against the latest in market security risks
  • ✓ A support team with experienced and qualified professionals who have dealt with every mobile app security issue
  •  Analysis of your app infrastructure, architecture, libraries used, inbuilt features, and software flaws. We do a complete penetration test for your app.
  •  Consolidated and conclusive reports based on your business requirement.

TechForing helps you develop secure mobile apps and safely use features to ease customer interactions. Our team of mobile security experts are trained to provide on demand support for any of your app’s security issues. We are always there to evaluate newer market technology, risks, security breaches, malwares, virus and other innovative techniques used to attack mobile apps. Our security evaluation helps secure your app to the core!

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