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TechForing provides amazing services and extremely comprehensive IT support. We assist your entire business in reaching its full potential. We have been in the market of serving our clients for more than 20 years!

Our IT support creates the best possible plan for your business, and helps you streamline it by providing the most relevant solutions based on the evaluation of your system and infrastructure.

We are focused on building strong relationships with all our clients. We have a team of dedicated and passionate professionals who work towards providing you with complete, and well managed, IT support.

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our key features

System Monitoring

As soon as your application is running, it requires accurate system monitoring. We help you monitor your system, identify any type of ambiguity or inadequacy, manage logs required for audits, and provide configuration changes to ensure efficient utilization of all your system resources.

System Architecture Evaluation

Choosing the right architecture plays an important role in terms of improving performance, scalability, and portability issues.Our key focus is on evaluating the best planned system architecture based on your business needs. We suggest required amendments to the architecture without slowing down your existing systems.

Managed Security

We provide 24/7 security monitoring services, which will help in keeping our eagle’s eye to protect your environment. Our services include code audits to check for vulnerabilities in your application, database security assessments, and other infrastructure and network related security analysis. 

Infinite Support

For business continuity, accurate technical support plays a crucial role. We provide proactive technical support, and will quickly resolve your issues with our dedicated team of well-trained and qualified professionals.

Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure plays a vital role in the progress of any business.Based on your business requirements we will pick the best infrastructure and help you manage it efficiently. We will support the optimization of the usage of your resources in a cost effective manner.

Backup and Disaster Plan

We plan ahead to provide complete backup solutions to avoid any unforeseen disasters.  In case of any mishaps, we provide plans for immediate recovery, ensuring the least impact on your business.

Downtime? Not in our dictionary!
We thrive to support your system and keep everything running.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide solutions to all small, medium and large companies. Based on your requirements, we will customise our services to meet your needs. We provide cost effective services and are even affordable to small organisations.

Based on your needs, we have different options available. This includes; system monitoring, infrastructure management support, overall security management support, and system architecture evaluation support. Our team of highly qualified experts will provide complete support based on your requirements.

We use various channels to provide customized support. This could be through a chat box, webinar, screen sharing session over the web, or direct technical help in your infrastructure. Other mediums of support include – voice calls, remote access, and so on. In some other cases we have also provided support through ticketing and email conversations. The format of support will be based on your requirements, availability, and the complexity of the issue.

In order to let you track our services, we provide regular updates and timely analysis reports. In certain cases, we also provide alerts based on the services you choose.

We support a wide range of platforms. We have services for Web applications, Mobile applications, Cloud and Hosting Platforms, and Servers. We also evaluate security for each of these components; please have a look at our services page for details info.

In the case of a security breach, we help in identifying the problem by doing a complete analysis related to your architecture, infrastructure, or application code. As soon as we have identified the vulnerability, we provide you with the most appropriate solution and help you resolve the issue.

Yes, we can help immediately. After reporting the issue, a technical support person will get in touch with you right away.

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We worked with TechForing Ltd. in several Atlassian® JIRA® and Agile Training related projects. Great team to work with. Very detail oriented!

Justin Leader
CEO and Agile ScrumMaster, HyperVelocity Consulting
disaster recovery plan for IT support

Case Study- Banking System Fails

One of our leading client in the space of banking domain came to our IT support with an issue regarding the degradation of performance on their end. This was due to a very large amount of network traffic they were experiencing.

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