iOS application development

iOS App Development

We believe that mobile applications should not just have a distinctive charm but must actually deliver an enjoyable user experience that will keep existing users engaged and draw in new users.

Our iPhone developers take an ingeniously incredible design and revamp it even further. The result is a charismatic app with spectacular performance. We closely follow the iOS app development standards and accentuate with thematic structures, UX/UI flows, and continuity to help users access our iOS 10 application with pleasure and ease.

As one of the fastest emerging iOS applications development services providers around the world, TechForing Ltd. delivers high-caliber, deeply engaging and secure iOS applications to help users unlock the depth of functionalities slumbering deep within their iPhone and iPad devices.

Sizing The Android-iOS Monetization GapRevenue on Android For every 1$ on iOS
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • • Application Code Audit
  • • Major Technology Tweaks
  • • iPhone App UX/ UI Design
  • • Apple Watch Development
  • • App Analysis from Start-up
  • • Continuous Security Review
  • • Application Testing Services
  • • Error Tracking and Solutions
  • • iOS App Migration and Porting
  • • iPhone App Strategy and Discovery
  • • Custom iPhone/iPad App Development
  • • Native and Hybrid Application Development
  • • Application Optimization, Support and Maintenance

An iOS app for every genre

We are a robust, multi-functional provider which covers different industries with splendid applications for iPhone and iPad devices.

Areas we cover

  • ♦ Music apps
  • ♦ Educational apps
  • ♦ Sports apps
  • ♦ Photo and video apps
  • ♦ Finance apps
  • ♦ Social networking apps
  • ♦ Business apps
  • ♦ Health and fitness apps

Our iOS applications development process

We adopt some of the industry’s finest apps development practices and springboard from there by adding our unique mingle of innovation, masterpiece technology, and polished excellence.

With scale-based app discovery, we put the best foot forward and travel all the way to maximum monetization.  We connect the dots from the superlative levels of user experience to deployments and security while designing and developing iOS applications that truly have the potential to spark as the next big thing on the App Store. Here’s how we go about it:


Discovery, ultimately, is a collaborative process that aims to put the right ideas in the right plots. It’s more like developing a blueprint or prototype of the app before actually going onto develop it.

What we do?

  • ☐ ROI strategy
  • ☐ Competitor analysis
  • ☐ Mindmapping
  • ☐ Clickable wireframes
  • ☐ Dataflow analysis
  • ☐ Monetization strategy
  • ☐ Business analysis
  • ☐ Functional specification documentation


We invest our faith in user-friendly designs, providing users with an accomplished product whose logics create magic and features are driven by functionality.

What we do?

  • ☐ GUI testing
  • ☐ Concept creation
  • ☐ Visual mockups
  • ☐ Design documentation
  • ☐ Design research

Agile development

We develop your application right from the word go to make it a full-featured end-product that exceeds your objectives and overcomes your limitations.

What we do?

☐ Programming
☐ Project setup
☐ Offline caching
☐ Immediate releases

Quality assurance

Once we have the beta at hand, we pass it through our handpicked application testing processes to check for navigations, user-friendliness, graphics, cross-platform compatibility and the overall quality in general.

What we do?

  • ☐ Code review
  • ☐ Performance testing
  • ☐ QA test plan
  • ☐ User experience testing
  • ☐ Functional testing
  • ☐ Crash report integration
  • ☐ Integration testing


Once we are completely satisfied with the analysis and scrutiny of the application, we push it live on the App Store, followed by subsequent updates and post-deployment support.

What we do?

  • ☐ SSL setup
  • ☐ App and server monitoring
  • ☐ Analytics integration
  • ☐ Production server configuration
  • ☐ Application submission
  • ☐ Post-launch support and maintenance


We ensure you’re never alone. No matter on which point of the iOS application lifecycle you are, we are right there with you to provide app optimization, support, continual monitoring and regular updates.

What we do?

☐ Bug fixing
☐ App upgrades
☐ Analytics tracking
☐ Optimization to drive better engagement
☐ Optimization for improved user engagement and retention

With several hundreds of iPad and iPhone apps under our belt, we have achieved phenomenal success in almost every business vertical. Our committed team of iOS professionals have elite experience and ability in the iOS application architecture and optimal implementation. The matrix of our skills in the iOS application development segment includes:


  • ✓ Objective-C
  • ✓ JavaScript
  • ✓ Swift
  • ✓ CSS
  • ✓ PhoneGap
  • ✓ JSON
  • ✓ HTML5
  • ✓ XML


Xcode, JustinMind, CocoaPods, Git, SVN, Postman, ScreenFlick, Jira, Crashlytics, Instruments


  • ➠ In App Purchase
  • ➠ Push Notification
  • ➠ Widget Development
  • ➠ Custom Animation
  • ➠ Hardware Integration
  • ➠ COCOS2D Gamekit
  • ➠ Apple Watch Development
  • ➠ Third party Integrations

Third Party Frameworks

➠ Crash (Flurry, Crashlytics)
➠ Analytics (Flurry, Google)
➠ Networking (AFNetworking)
➠ Payment Gateway (, Paypal)
➠ Social (Facebook, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, Flickr, Instagram, Dropbox, Google Plus)


Payment Gateways and Analytics, HoloEverywhere, Local and Remote Notifications, App Extensions, Memory Management and ARC, Audio, Video and Camera Handling, Bluetooth Communication, Multipeer Communication, Chat/Socket Communication, SlidingMenu, Gradle, RoboGuice, EventBus, Retrofit, Canvas Drawing, Autolayout, Storyboard, Caching and Sync, Debugging, Passbook, Mapkit, Encryption-Decryption, Offline Support, Multi Device Sync, Interface Orientation Support, In-App Purchases, Apple App Store, Touch Authentication, Passkit Integration, Google Maps, OAuth Authorization, Hardware Integration, Geofencing, Location Tracking, Social Integration (Facebook, twitter and Linkedin), Background Sync, Image Processing, Video Edit or Merge, ORMLite, AchartEngine, All Device Support, Version Change Support, Custom Fonts, Keychain & Security.

Choosing the right iOS application development service provider is as imperative as wearing a lifejacket at sea. It is what helps you stay safe and reach your destination. It is utterly important to hire the most competent application development company that has the command, skillset, and experience to manage the complete development lifecycle.

  • 7x24x365 support
  • Complete confidentiality with NDA
  • Source code protection
  • Dedicated teams for individual projects
  • Fastest turnaround times
  • Independent QA teams for post-testing evaluation
  • Flexible engagement models
  •  ✓ Timely updates, upgrades and feature enhancements
  • Super-skilled app developers
  • strong>✓ Seamless communication via Phone/Skype/Chat/Email
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Robust technical expertise with on-shore and off-shore service competence
  • Flexible and scalable packages
  • Picture-perfect designs with vibrant codes and streamlined material designs
  • Qualitative development approach

Our iOS development strength in-the-numbers

  • 7×24 dedicated support
  • 10th year running
  • 50+ developers onboard
  • More than 1 million downloads
  • 100+ applications developed
  • 360-degree agile development

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