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Hack Recovery

Hack recovery is a multi-stage process for restoring a site, application or server back to working condition. It is also ascertaining the impact of damage and the retrieval of stolen data. A hack recovery specialist is needed to initiate the restoration process after you’ve been subject to an attack. Recovery varies depending upon the attack; issues can range from system abuse to stolen data.

A hacker may conduct footprinting to obtain your information in preparation for a system hack. Even though footprinting is a prequel to an attack, it can have a negative effect because sensitive data may have been obtained and security breaches may have been identified. Fortunately, we can recover your system and data if it has been subject to a hack. Recovery is essentially the closure of any open doors used to compromise your information and system.

  • Lost Access
  • Internal Theft
  • Vendor Issue
  • External Theft
  • Employee Mistake
  • Hacked
Different Ways of Loosing Control Over Your System

Hack recovery allows you to regain control of the site or web application that’s been hacked. If you believe your site has been destroyed or your data is lost, you’ve been hacked. Malicious bots and individuals exploit sites, retrieve private information, delete files and more. Hack recovery resolves these issues along with many others. Hack recovery is also necessary to determine the severity of the attack and recover data.

When it comes to online sites, businesses can suffer from not removing infected files. Exploited sites are blocked from search results and even financial institutions can be alerted to protect users from your site. If you’ve been hacked, you’ll want to avoid being blacklisted by browsers, search engines, and directories as spam. The problem worsens due to inaction. By acting quickly and initiating the recovery process, your site can avoid being blacklisted. Inaction subsequent to an attack could unnecessarily expose private information such as financial data belonging to you and your clients.

Here are a few situations where you would need a hack recovery specialist to successfully:

 Clean an injection of code
Clean an .htaccess attack
 Regain control of your device access
Regain control of the root access of the server
Re-install CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc) or any website after a hack

A malicious hack can cause a website to go down, causing unnecessary downtime and potential loss of revenue. Our hack recovery services will help you and your business regain full site control, data recovery, and re-assume security of your data. We can clear your site from blacklists and untrusted site notices in order to avoid issues with search engine rankings. We can assist you with any attack on your site whether you utilize WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, OSCommerce, ExpressionEngine or a customized site. Our services also cover attacks on your server, regardless of type.

Our hack recovery services are offered in three main components:

1. Hack removal

2. Post-hack security

3. Hack identification

Our software monitors your site 24/7 for failed login attempts, recording the uploading of files, altered content, and more. We thoroughly scan the files of your site for malicious code, identifying negatively affected files and removing them. All infected files on your site will be removed and replaced with clean files, along with the addition of administrative back end site protection.

Essentially, our work prevents any possibility of hacker re-entry to your site through open backdoors. We’re proud to say that we’ve helped hundreds of businesses stay in operation after a hack. Regardless of your setup, server type or cause of failure, our services are indispensable to recovering from a hack.

We can facilitate recovery from a range of attack mechanisms including:

  • Data manipulation
  • System structure manipulation
  • System functionality abuse
  • Injection of items into your system
  • Subversion of access control
  • Collection and analyzation of information

Here is a short list of servers types we can recover:

  • Mac Recovery
  • NAS Data Recovery
  • UNIX Recovery
  • SAN Data Recovery
  • Linux Recovery
  • Virtual Machine Recovery
  • Windows Recovery
  • Buffalo Terastation Recovery
  • Database Recovery

We can restore the damages done after a hacker accesses your management console or any other interface that you manage from. When it comes to web applications, multiple components can become hacked. The hacker may go after the client-side controls of the web application, components of the back end, and the authentication area.  In some cases, the hack may occur on your server or for the purpose of gaining access to your web application.

The hack recovery activities can be quite granular and vary upon the situation. Your hack recovery service includes:

Professional server cleaning
Professional cleaning of site files
Safe restoration of content and data
Selective removal of hacker created URLs
Enhanced security to safeguard against future attacks

We take pride in giving you the support you need and answering any questions you may have about the hack recovery process. TechForing Ltd. has 20+ years of experience helping individuals and enterprises recover from the damaging effects of a hack.

Our team of experts are the ultimate solution to repair your computer, server, site or app and protect it from being hacked again.

Any software we handle for you will be updated as a part of our service. Our skills and methodologies ensure that your site recovers from the hack, no matter how complex it may be.

We treat your technology as if it is our own. Return to a fully restored website with all malicious codes removed from your files. Go back to enjoying safety and security through our hack recovery services.

Contact our specialists for support if you have been hacked.

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