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Google Cloud Platform

Google offers a wide variety of products and services to enterprises of large, medium and small sizes. These offerings act as building blocks to design and develop products of any scale and complexity. Google Cloud has a number of services that let you develop and deploy applications in the cloud; these range from compute to storage services. With Google’s infrastructure in place, you can concentrate on your business and we will take care of the rest.

Cloud Service Providers

Google Cloud offers the following:

Compute – It allows you to deploy your solutions in the Cloud using a PaaS model that is fully managed. This includes virtual machines with great benefits on performance and cost.

Within the computing segment, Google has three different options to offer:

1. App Engine – A Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering by Google. It provides a powerful development platform for scalable applications.

2. Google Compute Engine – widely known as GCE, Google Compute Engine creates an opportunity for a scalable number of virtual machines to be used as large compute clusters. There are three different channels to manage it.

  • ☛ Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • ☛ RESTful API
  • ☛ Web console
  • ☛ Like other offerings by Google, it is also a pay-per-usage service with a 10-minute minimum. GCE has the edge amongst similar product offerings by other players including EC2 by Amazon and Azure by Microsoft.

3. Google Container Engine – An orchestration and cluster manager that schedules containers into clusters and automatically manages them according to your requirements.

Storage – Google Cloud provides scalable, flexible, robust, resilient, high-performance storage such as Cloud Storage, BigTable and Cloud SQL. You can store and synchronize important data with guaranteed confidence of fault tolerance and high availability. This includes data backup, business continuity solutions, and disaster recovery.

Networking – Google Cloud presents innovative media products that are defined on Google’s private fiber network, surrounding Cloud Content Delivery Network, Cloud Load Balancing, and Cloud Virtual Network.

Big Data – Our Google Certified experts work with BigQuery, Cloud Dataflow, and Cloud DataProc across massive data sets. Google offers solutions for batch processing, data warehouse, messaging, and other big data workloads.

Machine Learning – One of the strongest offerings from Google is its Machine Learning capabilities. You can develop, deploy, and test applications using Google’s CLI and developer tools. Our team of Machine Learning Engineers assist you with the Google Cloud SDK development.

Management Tools – Google offers in-depth monitoring of cloud offerings in an intuitive management console and mobile app. Our team of experts will be there to assist you with the configuration of your Google StackDriver, as well as, with monitoring and auditing.

  • Best Computing Speed – Google Compute Engine offers one of the best computing speeds in the market. You can get a high memory machine with 64 virtual CPUs and 416 GB of memory that offer extremely fast computing speeds.
  • Sustained Usage Pricing Model – Its sustained usage pricing model is a unique offering by Google that encourages their customers to get cheaper pricing rates as they progress.
  • Cost Effective processing of large compute – It offers Short lived low cost VMs (Pre-emptible VMs). These VMs are designed with the motive to drive maximum utilization of infrastructure with minimum cost. It makes GCE the best choice for large compute, batch jobs, and fault-tolerant workloads.
  • Highly complaint and secure – Google is the first choice when it comes to data management. No one can replace Google for this matter, because the platform offers highly secure persistent disk-to-write computing data. Data is encrypted on the fly and then sent and stored in an encrypted form. GCE has very well demonstrated its commitment to data security by procuring various certificates including ISO 27001, SSAE-16, SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3.

We help companies use the sheer power of Google’s technology to benefit their business. Our Cloud specialists provides applications and services to accelerate your adoption of big data, compute, and storage solutions from Google.

Machine Learning and Big Data Services – Google delivers quality and fast analytics solutions at a very low cost — making the platform one of the best selections for a plethora of big data solutions. TechForing’s team of highly skilled expert data scientists help business with workloads like migration of data warehouses, predictive analytics, and development of applications for IoT devices which leverage on the Google Cloud Platform for cost optimization and insight on business decision making.

Cloud Migration – Google Cloud guarantees increased business efficiency and ease, but understanding the Cloud space can be confusing for companies starting out. TechForing is an industry leader in enterprise-scale cloud migrations. By leveraging our compute, storage, security and networking experience on GCP, clients realize their cloud aspirations faster, driving measurable outcomes for their company.

Cloud Architecture Design and Maintenance – Our Google Certified Cloud Architects design and implement highly scalable and highly available flexible solutions to deliver based on your business strategy. We assist you with maintaining defined architectures as your business matures.

Cloud-Native Advisory – We give you a plethora of reference architecture and principles, tools, and advice to assist you with developing effective and cost-efficient cloud solutions on the Google Cloud Platform. Our best practices, methods, and patterns help you quickly provide high-performance cloud-native applications.

As a Google Cloud Partner, we not only deliver cloud solutions for your business, but also offer expert cloud advisory to serve your business through all stages of the IT transformation journey.

We help businesses move to cloud, build on cloud, and adopt the Cloud. With our breadth of IT consulting experience, TechForing is the most dependable and reliable cloud transformation partner.

Our team of Google Certified Professionals in Data Science and Cloud Architecture will help you design and build powerful, future-proof Cloud infrastructure.

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