desktop application development

Desktop App Development

TechForing Ltd. presents to you a confluence of cutting-edge desktop applications that provide an array of mature technical competence, fluent navigations, worthwhile resourcefulness and classic appearance.

The applications we develop have their own charm, features and benefits. We work around XP (Extreme Programming) processes alongside brainstorming to come up with robust desktop applications that are bound to fulfill your business needs.

desktop application development

We cater to the needs of an extensive clientele spread principally across the US, UK, Canada and Australia with paramount desktop applications that sport the vigor and stability required to cut through the competition and serve your business objectives in the most fitting manner. Here’s a list of desktop application services we commonly provide to our customers:

☛ Internet and extranet solutions
☛ Application migration and porting
☛ B2B, B2C applications, portal and ecommerce platforms
☛ Design, development, deployment and maintenance of desktop applications

Only TechForing desktop application development services offers you a multitude of advantages:

☛ Ritzy user interface
☛ Desired and optimal performance index
☛ Vulnerable point fixation with complete security and control

We provide razor-sharp off-shore desktop application development services for customers across different industries, including

■ Sports
■ Education
■ Recreation
■ Healthcare
■ Entertainment
■ Government bodies

In addition, we do offer on-shore service competence and have the proficiency to work as an extension of your existing in-house team to match pace with your operations to yield the most favorable outcomes.

Over the years, we’ve developed desktop applications across various genres including

  • ☛ games
  • ☛ collaboration
  • ☛ payroll
  • ☛ inventory management
  • ☛ eLearning
  • ☛ Auto Bots applications
  • ☛ e-utility
  • ☛ attendance and reporting
  • ☛ messaging

We extend beyond the commonplace Windows environment to cover highly specific operating platforms such as Linux and Mac with its range of animated desktop application development services to deliver productive, heavy-utility solutions that are simultaneously cost-efficient and resourceful.

In addition, we provide best-in-class ERP/CRM app services that add value to an organization by combining its internal and external information management needs.

Our expertise in across-the-board desktop application development

There’s no single major technology that we deploy to develop applications for use on desktop. Instead, we have quintessential competence in all leading desktop application development technologies which allows us to provide you the right solution for your preferred business use. Not only does this add more value to your business but also ensures you get applications in the technology you best understand.

At present, all solutions and products being marketed under the names of our clients or their organizations are profoundly appreciated by their users around the world. We offer desktop applications development in:

♦ C#
♦ Java
♦ C, C++,
♦ Visual C++
♦ SQL Server
♦ Visual Basic
♦ .Net (Dot Net)

Cross-vertical application development tools to max out your business performance

We have superb competence in working on various industry-leading tools to develop applications that can justify your needs, satisfy your budget and fulfill your business objectives in the most convenient manner. The list of tools we use to develop desktop applications for Windows and the Mac platform includes:

  • ♦ Atom
  • ♦ CodeCharge Studio
  • ♦ Koding
  • ♦ Visual Studio (Win)
  • ♦ Thimble
  • ♦ Notepad++ (Win/Mac)
  • ♦ CodePen
  • ♦ Crimson Editor (Win)
  • ♦ JSFiddle
  • ♦ Visual Studio Online
  • ♦ Code Envy
  • ♦ Komodo Edit (Mac/Win)
  • ♦ Nightcode
  • ♦ Light Table (Win/Mac)
  • ♦ Cloud9 IDE
  • ♦ Rapid PHP Editor (Win)
  • ♦ PhpEd (Win)
  • ♦ Expression Studio (Win)
  • ♦ FiddleSalad
  • ♦ Dreamweaver CS6 (Win/Mac)
  • ♦ Sublime Text
  • ♦ PhpStorm (Win/Mac/Linux)
  • ♦ PHPEdit (Win)
  • ♦ PHPEclipse (Win/Mac/Linux)
  • ♦ HTML5 Builder
  • ♦ Php for Visual Studio (Win)
  • ♦ Python Fiddle
  • ♦ Zend Studio (Win/Mac/Linux)
  • ♦ TextMate (Mac)
  • ♦ NetBeans (Win/Mac/Linux/Solaris)
  • ♦ Delphi XE3 (Win)
  • ♦ Eclipse PHP Developer Tools (PDT)
  • ♦ CodeLobster (Win)
  • ♦ MacRabbit Espresso (with CSSEdit 3)
  • ♦ phpDesigner (Win)
  • ♦ Text Wrangler (Mac) (Free) and BBEdit (Mac)

So why wait? Bring us your concept or idea and we will work with you hand-in-hand to transform your idea into a heavy-duty, high-caliber application. Or perhaps you would be interested in migrating your existing applications from any platform to Windows. Whatever the case may be, we can help.

Multiple technologies to mesh with your specific business objectives

We understand that each business has its own unique requirements that can hardly be served by a single application and, therefore, we offer a broad range of desktop applications for you to choose from.

Our ERP and CRM app services are destined to increase the productivity and collaboration of your business while managing different costs to help you achieve maximum Return on Investment (ROI).

Cost efficient applications

We understand the conditions and needs of each small, medium or large scale business and, therefore develops desktop applications that perfectly meet their preferences, turnaround time and budget restraints.

Unlike web-based apps, desktops applications need no expensive servers for the deployment and access once the development has been done. In general, desktop applications need to be installed on individual workstations once they have been developed and made ready for use.


Desktop-based apps also provide increased security since the threat of being accessed online is diminished, compared to web-based applications with inherent potential risk of hacking or compromise.

We realize how important the security of an application is and the impact on an organization’s confidential data in event of a security breach. To address all sorts of potential security threats, our skilled and highly experienced desktop application developers generate close-knit and secure code to ensure your applications are robust and absolutely free from bugs. And we’re not done here: we offers regular quality checks to detect potential vulnerabilities in your existing applications and provides a stable patch to all found loopholes.

Sounds interesting? Drop us a line using our Contact Us page or connect to us via call or email to discover how we can help you grow your business with frontline desktop applications.

 Over 200 applications developed
Agile development methodologies
On-time and within-budget delivery
Dedicated resources for each project
Design in line with your specific business needs
Experienced professionals on board 24 hours a day
Independent QA team for stringent quality testing
Round-the-clock support through live chat, call or email
Technology utilization in accordance with latest internet trends
Committed after-sales support, maintenance, updates and upgrade
Dedicated non-disclosure agreement to ensure complete privacy of your project
Nominal, one-time investment and next-to-zero maintenance and recurring costs

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