We are one of the most renowned companies in consulting, building, and managing world class cloud platforms.


Amazon Web Services

32+ AWS Certified Professionals continuously designing, building, and managing all services provided by AWS for all types of businesses.

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cyber security partner- azure

Microsoft Azure

Provided solutions to over 235 companies and currently managing over 170 infrastructures. We are a proud official partner of Microsoft.

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Having 11+ years of hands on extensive experience with VMware, we deal in high scale when it comes to VMware.

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Google Cloud Platform

Our dedicated masterminds take pride in putting all of the components together one by one to create the exact GC Platform that you need.

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Confused about which cloud solution is right for your business?

our services

Architecture Designing

We plan everything ahead before getting started on any project. Our engineers will design the most cost effective, secure, and performance based Cloud infrastructure for your business.  Feel free to contact us for a sample.

Building & Management

We will build your infrastructures step by step with widely-used tools. We are devoted to provide high-tech solutions for your business needs. Our specialists take pride in having managed over 360 infrastructures to date.

Managed Security

Are you hosting sensitive data and worried about security?  Let our certified Ethical Hackers take care of this for you!  We will guard your data 24/7 and make sure your infrastructure is completely hack-proof.


If you already have an infrastructure setup and want to move it to cloud, you’ve come to the right place!  We understand the importance of your business and will move all of your data to your desired Cloud platform without any downtime.


Is something not right with your current setup?  Do you want to add additional solutions? Let our professionals analyze your infrastructure and provide you with a free recommendation to improve your system.

24/7 Support

You never know when something could go wrong!Keeping your technology up-to-date and running is our number one priority. We understand the urgency of your problem and that’s why our support team is always available to solve any issues.

our approach


New to Cloud? No worries, we all were once! We take the time to understand your business, and help you find the right Cloud solution that meets your needs.  Already having existing Cloud infrastructure and want to expand it further?  Call us for a consultation!


After our consultation ,once you understand what you want, you will have to decide which platform you want, whether you want to migrate to the Cloud platform or make improvements to your existing infrastructure. Then, we will take it from here.


For new Cloud users, with your approval, we will design the architecture and proceed with building.  For existing Cloud users, we will provide detailed documentation before and after making improvements to the infrastructure.


As soon as everything is up and running, you can sit back and watch your business grow!  No more worrying about your business in the middle of the night.  We will manage your full infrastructure.  Our support team will prevent any unwanted issues from happening!

We guarantee to reduce the cost and improve the performance.
Your choice, our expertise
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why choose us ?


We have over a decade of hands-on experience working with Cloud platforms.  Our experts hold the top industrial Cloud certifications, and will listen to your needs to come up with the best strategic plan.


We talk Innovation, from machine learning to artificial intelligence, big databases to medical apps, no matter what kinds of products you have, we will find the right cloud solution for you.


We provide the most competitive price on the market, along with top-notch quality.  Money is the last thing to worry about when working with TechForing Ltd.  Contact us for details!


You deserved to be 100% satisfied with our service.  We will do whatever it takes to put a smile on your face!  For our organization, our clients are the most important people on Earth.

A little tip can save you a lot; we are not hard to reach!