rackspace cloud hosting solution

RackSpace Cloud Hosting

Rackspace is a managed Cloud computing company based out of the USA. However, it has a wide presence across the globe including Australia, India, Hong Kong, UK, Switzerland, Israel, and Netherlands.

They have started their journey with application hosting solutions on dedicated servers, and eventually forayed into cloud computing solutions. Rackspace has encompassed a wide range of products and services to be offered to their customers before the company itself merged with Apollo Global Management in November 2016.

Irrespective of if you are a giant enterprise or a small business, we can help you to find the best solutions using Rackspace product stacks. Rackspace offers the following IaaS (with Public Cloud, Private Cloud, or Hybrid Cloud options) for your business;

  • Dedicated Servers
  • Compute
  • Network
  • Storage
  • Database and Data Analytics
  • Developer Tools
  • Email hosting
  • Collaboration
  • Fanatical Support for;
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Microsoft Office 365

In addition, they have various offerings majorly in the following product categories:

  • Managed Security Services – Different from other MSSPs (Managed Security Services Provider), Rackspace not only actively notifies you of a breach, but also provides you rapid remediation on breaches.
  • Website Hosting – It offers a robust web hosting solution to cater for massive traffic and stringent compliance requirements.
  • E-Commerce Solutions – It offers world’s fastest CDN networks to run your online store with the best ROI guaranteed.
  • Managed Database – It provides managed offerings of the most popular databases including relational, NoSQL, and Big Data.
  • Email Hosting – It offers a wide choice of market leading email and productive solutions. These offerings make it easier for teams to connect, communicate, and collaborate with each other. Rackspace Email hosting lets you create notes, maintain calendars, and reply to your email with mobile sync facility . Dissimilar from other popular email providers, Rackspace lays emphasis on privacy. Rackspace offers strong data encryption and no email tracking for uses such as ad keywords generation. All of your Rackspace email hosting servers are guaranteed to have zero downtime.

Rackspace has built the very first cloud solution based on OpenStack® that provides centralized and automated management of ubiquitous cloud resources across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. Rackspace offers great solutions like uninterrupted site monitoring, DDoS protection, automated backups, and seamless upgrades as well as phone and email notifications 24/7. The following are the core benefits for using TechForing and Rackspace;

Scalability – We enhance your Rackspace infrastructure with audit logs and settings, tracking, auto-scaling, auto-healing, script execution, and access controls.

Hybrid Cloud – We assist your company in developing a comprehensive and detailed hybrid cloud architecture using Rackspace cloud offerings, OpenStack, vSphere, and other cloud infrastructure solutions.

Managed Configuration – Using a variety of app servers, load balancers, cache servers, and database server programs, TechForing helps you with all of the reference architectures for running Rackspace cloud administration.


When startups receive huge traffic to their production environments it is a good sign of growth, however, there are downsides to this, especially with mission-critical data security. Dedicated servers can convey improved security benefits for your business-basic applications, yet this is of little use for applications with short time frames of realistic usability. Applications with variable traffic and demand are not suitable for dedicated servers, and getting universal solutions for every case is practically impossible. Businesses have different sets of requirements for several different types of applications. The remedy to this is with the hybrid cloud.

Rackspace hybrid cloud is a complete approach to the usage of IT. It is all about matching the right action with the right job. Public cloud, private cloud, and dedicated servers are consolidated seamlessly to form the correct platform. The hybrid cloud reduces the list of trade-offs you have to make and technical barriers, so you get the best benefit and improved performance from each cloud component. TechForing help you architect and deploy hybrid cloud architectures for your infrastructures.

In addition to these offerings, if you are a start-up, Rackspace offers up to $2,000 per month in free hosting for 12 months *for qualified startups. 24*7*365 fanatical support is one of the USPs offered by Rackspace.

We have a unique active data security approach that revolves around People, Process, and Platform. We call it the ‘3P approach’.

  1. People – Our approach always focuses on our clients and their requirements. We propose a solution that fulfills all of your needs and fit it into your budget. On the other hand, our production support experts actively search for threats 24x7x365 in your cloud infrastructure. This is a never-ending activity to ensure everything is up-to-mark on the security front.
  2. Process – There are well streamlined processes and practices that not only ensure to detect vulnerabilities and threats, but also actively respond to and remediate potential issues using pre-defined and auto-consent actions.
  3. Platform – We offer best-in-class services to design, deploy, and manage cloud based products and technology for you.

All three factors cohesively work with each other to get best solution out of available options.

We have CloudU certified professionals possessing competency, skills, and abilities in the blended discipline of cloud computing using Rackspace solutions.

Servers provisioned on Rackspace Cloud can be self-managed by you. Tasks and processes which are sometimes side-lined and secure IT resources for your organization like software updates and patches, can be performed on a regular schedule with proper logging for audit and error checking purposes. TechForing helps architect the right Rackspace hosting solution at all times.

We help you to build custom architecture resulting in a powerful infrastructure for your applications, based on your needs. The solution will ensure lightning-fast page loads even through unexpected surges in traffic.

With Rackspace, we always tend to build a robust solution that not only notifies our customers of security breaches, but also provide them rapid remediation. We work closely with our customers to effectively take on security threats, and always aim to keep business impact as minimal as possible.

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