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Android App Development

Innovation is at the core of who we are, what we do, and the way we do it. Android development is no exception to it.

Android is unarguably the most widely used mobile operating system in the world, having an extensive user base that is broader than that of all other mobile operating systems put together. It, therefore, provides exciting and lucrative market possibilities to app developers across the world. But developing an Android application is one thing, while coming up with a comprehensive market-ready solution requires planning, execution and sublime business sense. Android, to its core, is an intricate ecosystem having a diversity of dimensions, form factors and manufacturers to cater to. And therefore, it is highly imperative you bring together a team of the finest Android consultants, designers, developers and markets to ensure you stay ahead of this intensely formidable business competition.

Have a concept in mind? Bring it to us, and we’ll transform it into a dynamic Android application destined to leave your potential customers spellbound.

Mobile App Market Share
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Over the years, we have gained momentum from strength to strength to today achieve a cult status in providing value-based, future-ready Android applications within budget and on-time, every time. All our apps are powered by blue-ribbon agile development methodologies, stable servicer side backend and robust database to ensure seamless operation across different platforms and environments.

We provide full-spectrum, 360-degree Android applications development services and solutions which include:

  • ☛ Android apps consulting
  • ☛ Error tracking & solutions
  • ☛ Android app test automation
  • ☛ Android OS customization
  • ☛ Native Android app development
  • ☛ Continuous security review
  • ☛ Android launchers app development
  • ☛ App analysis from start-up
  • ☛ Android widget development services
  • ☛ Android app porting/redesign
  • ☛ Major updates and technology tweaks
  • ☛ Android specific UX/UI design
  • ☛ App support, maintenance & optimization

Our certified Android developers make the most of hybrid development technologies, dependable tools and the mainframe Android SDK platform to explore the unlimited possibilities the Android has to offer.

Not just end-to-end development, but our ingenious Android professionals stand apart from the competition when it comes to delivering highly-responsive, cross-platform Android applications to businesses as well as home users across different walks of life.  In addition, we offer scalable solutions for Android application migration, upgrade, marketing, porting, etc.

We serve across-the-board to offer resplendent apps that not only entice your audience but also drive maximum conversion. We have a broad reach and our extensive portfolio covers mobile apps for different industries, including:

  • ■ Game
  • ■ Healthcare
  • ■ Finance
  • ■ E-commerce
  • ■ Security
  • ■ Entertainment
  • ■ Business
  • ■ Travel and map
  • ■ Education

Everything begins with an awesome idea. We then nurture your ideas to conceptualize them into feasible technology processes that can be processed with high-end tools to get worthwhile Android applications that are ready to entice your audience on Google Play.


Requirement Analysis | Tech Feasibility | App Monetization

UX/UI Design

IA | Wire-frames | Concept Design | UI Design | Micro-interactions


Define MVC Modules | Create Frameworks and Reusable Components | Define Network Layer | Database Layer | UI Layer


UI and Functionality Development | Integration | Backend Development | Code Review | Retrospective Reviews | Unit Testing

Quality Assurance

Unit | Functional | Integration | Usability | Performance Testing on Actual Devices

Intermediate Release

Continuous Integration | Ad Hoc Release | Test Flight | Beta Testing | Feedback Incorporation

App Readiness

App Submission Checklist | Information | App Visuals Review | Screenshots | Video | Icon | App Store Optimization

App Submission/Distribution

App Submission | App Store Approval Assessment | App Transfer Assessment | Post Approval Testing | Enterprise Distribution | Custom B2B | MDM

Post Launch

Monitor Crashes | Actionable Analytics | Use Engagement Support | App Marketing Support | Optimization | Continuous Improvement

We leverage the powerful Android SDK that includes native support libraries and packages by the Google Android development kit. In addition, we count on the Android Studio (IDE) for developing Android applications that are hosted by the Google Android developer program.

Together with the Native Android Google kit, we work on improving app efficiency and end-user experience by delivering robust and intuitive apps which are powered by hybrid development framework.

However, there’s more! We go the extra yard to ensure your app is beautified and reinforced by the most avant-garde tools and innovative technologies on the planet. Have a look at some other Android tools and technologies we master and bring to your app:

Programming Languages:

  • • Java
  • • C
  • • C++
  • • Corona
  • • Phonegap
  • • Titanium
  • • HTML 5

Android App Designing Tools:

  • • Marvel
  • • Invision
  • • Android Sketch Paper
  • • PopApp
  • • Android Patterns
  • • Adobe Kuler

Major Android App Testing Tools:

  • • Google Android Emulator
  • • The official Android SDK Emulator
  • • MobiOne
  • • Eggplant

We understand the Android Studio inside-out, thanks to our extensive experience in developing Android apps based on high-end architecture for different Android devices. Our expertise and innovative mindset, braced up firmly by multi-purpose Android development tools, help us develop scalable and easy-to-maintain apps that comply with the highest coding standards.

Continuous Integration & Development

We follow continuous development and integration process. We work our way handsomely around Git, Bitbucket and SVN to add more value to large projects that are generally spread across multiple repositories, needs extensive collaboration, or need to simplify operations. Our professional programmers deploy the practices effectively for various Android development objectives to help us deliver applications that can take heavy loads, deliver faster performance and perform heavy-duty for complex and advanced processes. Rest assured, your app will align closely with hybrid code development methodologies.


We are creative designers who follow the material design aspects and world-class guidelines to create highly streamlined designs that stand up, speak out and draw in a devoted user base. More often than not, application design comes up as the leading USP of the apps we develop.

Android App Security

We understand that different applications have different security needs and, therefore, carefully analyze the developed application to devise appropriate security measure.

  • ☆ Use Broadcasts
  • ☆ Implement Content Providers
  • ☆ Implement Intents
  • ☆ Protect Application Services
  • ☆ Avoid Intent Sniffing
  • ☆ Follow WebView Best Practices
  • ☆ Avoid GUI Objects Caching
  • ☆ Avoid Storing Cached Camera Images
  • ☆ Implement File Permissions

Android App Testing

We test our apps thoroughly to ensure they are not only error-free of but stand tall under different test environments, technology platforms and operating conditions.

We execute stringent recursive testing with the modules listed below:

  • ☆ Unit Testing
  • ☆ Validation Testing
  • ☆ System Testing
  • ☆ Functional Testing
  • ☆ Black box Testing
  • ☆ Integration Testing
  • ☆ Usability Testing
  • ☆ Accessibility Testing
  • ☆ Regression Testing
  • ☆ Compatibility Testing

Hire our Android developers for total peace of mind

Over the years, we have touched thousands of lives with this exemplary best-of-breed Android apps development services that sport the following characteristics:

  • • 100% Dedicated Developers
  • • Experienced Designers and Independent QA Teams
  • • All Projects Abide by our NDA Policy
  • • Zero Maintenance, Save up to 50%
  • • Daily Skype Communication
  • • Project Management with Trello, Asana or any Platform you prefer
  • • Industry-leading After-sales Support

TechForing Ltd is the pacemaker providing high-end custom Android apps development services to an extensive clientele spread the world over. Our intuitive, bespoken Android games and utility applications flaunt a superfine mingle of skilled programming, vibrant designs and user-friendly features to ensure they keep the users glued to their smartphones.

Here’s why TechForing Ltd. is tried, tested and trusted by millions of people around the world.

  • ✓ Independent QA teams
  • ✓ Seamless collaboration through Phone/Skype/Chat/Email
  • ✓ Fastest turnaround time
  • ✓ Agile development methodologies for standards-based results
  • ✓ Flexible engagement models
  • ✓ Stringent end-phase testing to make the product market-ready
  • ✓ Extensive post-sales support
  • ✓ 150+ certified developers with an average experience of over 5 years
  • ✓ ISO 9001:2008 certified company
  • ✓ Robust technical expertise with on-shore and off-shore service competence
  • ✓ Cost-effective pricing and support models
  • ✓ Innovative designers with an eye for detail to drive streamlined designing
  • ✓ Round-the-clock support for all time zones
  • ✓ 100% client satisfaction with result-oriented, scalable development models

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