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Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services, widely known as AWS, is a secure cloud service platform with a wide variety of cloud based products and solutions.  It primarily deals in compute, storage, databases, analytics, networking and content delivery, application and mobile services, messaging, and migration services.

We are one of the well renowned companies in consultation and services for AWS including their design, deployment, and maintenance support afterwards. We always aim to understand your needs and advise you with solutions that best suit the demands of your business.

Capacity Vs. UsageNo Customer Dissatisfaction, No waste.

AWS offers plenty of cloud based services and products considerably independent to each other.  These independent building blocks can be designed and integrated in a way to get sophisticated scalable applications out of them.

AWS offering includes, but not limited to:

  • Elastic Compute Services – You can quickly bring virtual machines online in minutes. With AMIs, you select an operating system of choice and easily begin your deployments. There are three popular instance types when creating EC2 virtual machines also called instances:
  • 1. Compute optimized – this setup uses industry standard processors and is used for high request rate applications.
  • 2. Memory optimized – are made using the most efficient memory cost in gigabytes.
  • 3. Storage optimized – uses very fast SSD storage to provide data retrieval requests with quick speed.
  • Amazon also offers Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS) built on Docker’s Container Orchestration. ECS lets you run applications on a managed cluster of Amazon EC2 instances.
  • Databases and Storage – AWS Simple Storage Services (S3) is an object-based storage service that provides all the needed tools to store and move data around the globe using buckets. To build powerful cloud applications you need scalable storage; Amazon S3 offers this. Other storage services include Amazon Glacier, which provides long-term archiving solutions at an extremely low cost. Amazon DynamoDB is a NoSQL database service in AWS that works with document and key-value storage models. DynamoDB offers high availability and flexibility. Amazon RedShift is a data warehouse service that makes it very easy and cost-effective to analyze all data via SQL.
  • Security, Monitoring, and Audit Services – Amazon Cloudwatch is the native monitoring service for resources and applications running in AWS. With CloudWatch you can view logs and monitor metrics for your key IT resources. AWS Cloudtrail is an audit service that trails key information and records all API calls made through your AWS account. The data from Cloudtrail is especially critical for meeting security standards and compliance such as PCI and HIPAA. AWS IAM is a security service that lets you to securely control access to your AWS resources for your staff.
  • AI and IoT – Amazon AI and IoT are two of the latest offerings from Amazon. Amazon AI includes several artificial intelligence services for voice recognition; “Rekognition“, Text-to-Speech; “Polly” and chatbots; “Lex“. Amazon IoT on the other hand is a controlled cloud platform which allows smart devices to easily and safely interact with cloud software and other interconnected smart devices. AI and IoT are the future, and Amazon brings the machine learning smarts to your business.
  • Mobile Services, Desktop, and App Streaming – Amazon Mobile is the fastest way to build mobile apps. If you are looking to develop, test, launch, and track usage of mobile apps, Amazon Mobile offers a complete suite for all of your needs. Amazon Workspaces and AppStream 2.0 are handled solutions that enable you to transfer your desktop application software to the Cloud.
  • Other Services: Along with above services Amazon also provides a wide range of other emerging solutions. From networking & content delivery to game development, developer tools to business productivity, analytics related tools, and so on.  Please click here to visit the official website and learn more about each and every service in detail.

Irrespective of the industry you find yourself in, Amazon Web Services provides a number of benefits for your organization. It provides a complete full fledge solution retaining reliability, scalability, performance, and security needs for your business with minimum capital and administrative expenses. Some of the ways AWS benefits your business include;

  • Elasticity – Applications deployed on AWS Cloud have the ability to scale up and down to meet your seasonal or peak demands. You can attain best performance with Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2); it allows you to host your resources efficiently without worrying about high consumption peaks. It is the best choice for customers who look for an instant infrastructure build.
  • Cost-Effective – You only consume the amount of compute, storage, and other IT resources needed. No long-term dedication, upfront, or initial spending is necessary.
  • Security – AWS assembles and provides its solutions in line with the industry’s best security practices. AWS conducts regular and thorough audits to assure its customers of the security of its infrastructure.
  • Flexible Management Tools – Amazon Management Console is an intuitive interface that allows you to manage all products and resources in an efficient and pro-active manner.

Some unique offerings by us keeping AWS as core:

Migrating Your Existing Applications to AWS Cloud

AWS is standard for its leading-edge service offerings, and are continuously growing and evolving – making them an ideal option to recommend to our clients. We’ve got the capability to migrate cloud architectures that are complicated into a comprehensive suite of Amazon Cloud solutions. Moving to the Cloud is one of the first and most important steps in successfully growing your business and achieving the advantages of cost optimization, agility and scalability.

The challenge for several organizations migrating to the Cloud comes once they begin to migrate their legacy applications. That’s because these applications often rely on extremely tailored infrastructure with tightly coupled components. A cloud migration strategy is required to create a cloud environment that delivers and out-performs legacy on-premises infrastructures in terms of cost, availability, and scalability. Whenever desired by our clients, we advocate and apply a variety of optimizations throughout the migration process, including, but not limited to; decoupling of components, stability, and performance tune-ups as well as improved monitoring and platform automation.

Data Warehousing Solutions with Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift is a solution for data warehousing. Businesses can take advantage of the easy deployment and scaling capabilities of Redshift. TechForing provides organizations with expertise to speed up their data warehousing workloads. We also deliver affordable and powerful analytics on top of AWS Infrastructure.

Building Big Data Solutions with Amazon Elastic MapReduce

Amazon Elastic MapReduce is a service that enables quick and cost-effective processing of very large datasets.

Big Data is a phenomenon that changes the way businesses aggregate and analyze customer data. Many businesses are now adopting Amazon EMR which can process up to hundreds of millions of data for reporting and statistics. We help customers to build and deploy big data analytics applications using Amazon EMR, making it easy to run big data frameworks on massively scalable clusters.

Designing Complex Cloud Infrastructures

The evolution of cloud computing brings about a number of complex issues and it is imperative to architect the best solution to ensure a scalable infrastructure with high availability. Cloud architecture is very complex and it is a continuous process as your business evolves. AWS regularly updates its services and it requires an expert team like TechForing to take advantages of the new features from AWS in architecting your cloud.

We have been providing consultation and services for AWS to our customers for over  12 years. Our wide spectrum of customers varies from financial institutes and media broadcasters to marketing executives. We aim to understand your current business needs and roadmap, to help facilitate in-depth growth, and propose solutions that best suit your current trend and future growth.

The moment you engage us, we help you build a cloud adaption framework, satisfying your business needs. It leverages you a seamless transition from your traditional infrastructure to a cloud environment.

Our vast and deep experience in cloud technology helps you find the best AWS approach, determining the best suitable business case, and projecting the most accurate return on investment (ROI) for implementing and managing AWS Cloud services for you.

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