24/7 security monitoring service

24/7 Security Monitoring

24/7 security monitoring provides around the clock surveillance and security to systems and infrastructures. This includes collecting user information and analyzing it for unknown activities and patterns. It is a daunting task for any individual or organization to monitor the system and track significant events that can cause security risks.

Security monitoring provides systems and infrastructures access to security. Both small and large organizations have the risk of their data and activities being exposed to the outside environment. All organizations have floods of events, and traffic crossing their network, but not all of it is suspicious or malicious. Because of this, it is extremely important to categorize traffic correctly and identify potential risks.

To identify a potential risk, we need constant monitoring and a team of experts who can provide counter-solutions to prevent any security breaches.

TechForing provides effective solutions for all of your security needs by providing 24/7, around the clock security monitoring.

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All enterprises, no matter the size, require complete security monitoring in order to identify and prevent malicious activity. Potential threats needs to be caught at the early stages to avoid possible security breaches. It is essential to analyze volumes of traffic and provide quick solutions.

Preventing intruders and malicious users is one of the key security concerns for most organizations. Both large and small organizations and websites across the globe have encountered intruders trying to hack into their infrastructure.

A secure system gives your clients confidence and proves the integrity of your infrastructure. Timely security monitoring and scans help to build your organization’s reputation, so a complete approach needs to be considered when securing your infrastructure.

  • ■ Banks
  • ■ Schools
  • ■ Government
  • ■ Military systems
  • ■ Small organizations
  • ■ Medium scale organizations
  • ■ Large scale organizations

In short, all organizations need security monitoring irrespective of their market, clients, or type of work.

TechForing works as a solution-giving partner to monitor your networks, secure your infrastructure and prevent intruders from hacking your system. Each security threat need different remediation, and we at TechForing understand our client’s needs. We provide complete security solutions with our 24/7 monitoring functionality.

Below are some of the key things we focus on:

  • Traffic – Helping you analyze your network traffic. Traffic exchanges need to be authorized and should adhere to network security policies.
  • Malicious Content – Sniffing your network traffic to identify any malicious content, and do auditing to ensure there is no transport of malicious content, or any other forms of attack to manipulate business data .These activities are highlighted, and an alert is sent across to the admin
  • Firewall and Boundary Tracking – Collating and collecting information from your firewalls and other network devices to monitor network traffic trends, and any un-trusted network traffic.
  • Monitor Internal Devices – Monitoring your internal workstation to check for any irregular patterns or events that could be a potential risk. We help in recording the device configurations and look for any indication that there could be malicious activity.
  • Internal Network – Not only do we monitor external networks, we also monitor internal networks. This helps to detect any kind of suspicious activities within the organization.
  • Server Monitoring – Providing complete surveillance for the security of your servers. Suspicious activity, over any specific server traffic, will be detected. We monitor server traffic trends to detect abnormal behavior.
  • Monitor Network Connection – Monitoring network connections such as VPN and wireless networks. Any unauthorized network access attempts, that are being made remotely, will be prevented.
  • Session Information Analysis – Logging the session activity by users and workstations, and analyze it for trends of abnormal behavior. End to end monitoring of workstation connectivity ports, and tight controlling & monitoring of all relevant accounts is done.
  • Alerts – Providing immediate alerts and activity logs for all suspicious activity. Automated services send the alerts to the required stake holders using the most appropriate mechanism.
  • Accurate Logs – Maintaining accurate logs and are able to track the exact time of all incidents.
  • Backups – Providing an–up-to date audit trail of any alert or malicious activity. This helps to quickly identify the last known working state of any asset.

We provide monitoring services for:

  • Systems
  •  Servers
  •  Websites
  • Databases
  •  Firewalls
  •  Infrastructures
  • Cloud Hosting
  • ✓ Internal and external Networks

Apart from the monitoring services, we also provide solutions to your most complex security problems. We offer the best detailed plan for monitoring your security activities, and tips that will enhance your organization’s security. This also includes rules and policies that could be used to tighten up security configurations.

TechForing provides the best-in-class services for monitoring your systems and securing them in a timely manner. We are proud to say that we are here to server our clients with the latest in-house monitoring features and are always willing to help clients with any specific requirements needed.

We help you with:

  • ✓ Planning and Consultation – To understand the risks and plan your security infrastructure accordingly.
  • ✓ Support –Providing constant, 24/7 support for all of your inquiries. We are always available to help you.
  • ✓ Prevention – Helping plan out the best methods to prevent security breaches.
  • ✓ Reporting – Providing you with continuous reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • ✓ Team of Experts – We have a team of highly-qualified professional security experts who will monitor your systems      and prevent any malicious incidents from occurring.
  • ✓ Wide market – Providing security monitoring for a variety of clients which include banks, healthcare, and government. Due to the diversity in our client base, we understand your needs, and can provide relevant solutions based on your market.

At TechForing we respond to all security issues by providing innovative solutions. Your system’s security is our top priority, so we will make every effort to ensure it is as secure as possible, and provide you with the long-term care needed.

Our reputation is very important to us! We will strive to provide you complete, full-service protection using our 24/7 security monitoring services.

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