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Software products and services are constantly exposed to vulnerability attacks that can compromise their security and functionality. Any organization that provides software solutions must perform regular vulnerability assessments and audits to prevent such incidents.

Case and Client Profile

In this case study, we share how we helped our client, a global software service provider, conduct a comprehensive IT infrastructure audit and protect their software products using a five-scan cycle assessment methodology.

Our client offers software services to various industries and domains across the world. Their portfolio comprises a wide range of software products requiring rigorous vulnerability assessments and audits to ensure their safety and quality.


The main objectives of the project were to:

  • Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the client's IT infrastructure.
  • Identify and mitigate risks associated with different domains and software products.
  • Enhance the client's security posture by aligning their systems with international security policies and best practices.
  • Provide recommendations to address vulnerabilities and improve the overall system's resilience.
  • Establish a long-term vulnerability assessment process to ensure ongoing security maintenance.

Tools and Technologies Used

We used the following tools and technologies to perform the IT infrastructure audit:

  • Cisco VPN and Firewall
  • Kali Linux
  • Okta Verify
  • TCPDump
  • Veracode
  • Wireshark

Our Solution

Once we were ready with all the necessary tools, here’s how we handled the entire situation:

Complete Evaluation

We started by thoroughly evaluating the client's system architecture, including firewalls, networks, operating systems, protocols, servers, and VPNs. We discovered that the client's CISCO firewall was not compliant with global security policies.

Mail Communication Fix

We noticed that the client's mail communication system lacked specific rules, making it vulnerable to potential threats. We fixed this by setting up communication parameters and implementing rules, such as rejecting attachments with potentially harmful file extensions and triggering alerts as a precautionary measure.

Network and OS Security

We detected suspicious activities in the client's incoming and outgoing networks. We performed network sniffing checks to identify and resolve any security breaches. We also secured the underlying operating systems, especially Windows OS, by introducing two-factor authentication using Okta Verify for servers.

Application & Web Server Protection

We identified various potentially harmful commands within the client's applications and web servers. We mitigated risks by implementing a firewall to consolidate the servers, allowing for restrictive incoming and outgoing traffic. We also disabled automatic web connection opening to minimize potential vulnerabilities.

Assessment and Reporting

After evaluating the infrastructure, we scanned the applications deployed in the UAT environment. We performed automation testing for three days, followed by a manual assessment by our security experts. We compiled a comprehensive report, outlining the detected issues and providing recommendations to address them effectively.

Results and Benefits

Five-Scan Cycle Assessment

We completed the entire scanning process using a five-scan cycle approach. As a result, the client's applications achieved an impressive score of 92% in terms of security and vulnerability mitigation.

Ongoing Vulnerability Assessments

The client realized the importance of regular assessments and requested further checks for new software codes or patch releases. We implemented quarterly checks to ensure continuous protection against emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

Credibility and Trust

By leveraging our vulnerability assessment services, the client established a reputation for credibility and reliability among their customers and business associates. Our systematic approach to assessing and enhancing their security posture contributed significantly to their overall trustworthiness.


We delivered a robust security solution for our client’s software products and services through our IT infrastructure audit and 5-scan cycle assessment. We identified and mitigated various risks and vulnerabilities across different domains and systems. We also enhanced the client’s security posture by aligning their systems with international security policies and best practices.

We also provided recommendations to address vulnerabilities and improve overall system resilience. The audit also established a long-term vulnerability assessment process to maintain ongoing security.

By leveraging our vulnerability assessment services, the client gained credibility and trust among their customers and business associates.


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