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Every year, many major organizations experience catastrophic cyber attacks. A cyber attack can have a major impact on an organization: both reputational and financial. And there is a lot we can learn from these recent cybersecurity incidents.

Here’s a list of 20 major recent cyber attacks:

1. Twitter Accused of Covering Up Major Data Breach

Chad Loder, a cyber security researcher, co-founder, and CEO of Habitu8, accused Twitter (now known as "X"), of covering up a data breach in November 2022.

Loder claimed that the breach affected millions of Twitter users worldwide, and Twitter's authority covered up the data breach.

It was one of the two biggest data breaches Twitter faced in 2022. Another data breach occurred in Twitter in July 2022, which they admitted took place. However, the data that impacted the November breach was different from the July breach, even though the cybercriminals utilized the same vulnerabilities.

2. Over 1.2 Million Credit Card Data Published on A Hacking Forum