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Cyber espionage, or cyber spying, has become a viable method for different entities all over the internet to collect information from any individual or organization. Despite security measures being in place, this has become a worldwide phenomenon, that no one can stop. Today, we take a look at what cyber espionage is, and how to protect yourself against cyber espionage attacks in a potentially risky world.

What Is Cyber Espionage?

Also known as cyber spying, cyber espionage is a form of cyber attack that is used to steal sensitive and confidential information from different sources that are owned by either a person, an organization, or even the government.

Cyber espionage is used to gather pieces of information for 3 main reasons:

  • Competitive Advantage
  • Economic Gain
  • Political Reasons

The Sinister Incentive Behind Cyber Espionage

Cybercrime is one of the major offenses in the modern world. Neither the goal nor the consequences of cyberspying should be taken lightly. The possible gains for the perpetrators of cyber espionage are potentially endless.

The sectors from which information can be stolen and exploited include:

  • Financial information from individuals
  • Strategic information from corporate sectors
  • Diplomatic confidential data from governments

Attackers from all over the world are always looking for a proper scope to exploit these data types for either financial, political, or strategic gain. Cyber attackers are constantly launching attacks on different infrastructures to scrape every bit of information they can.

These attackers have influenced many international social events, wreaked havoc on global affairs, and altered the course of many events just through misinformation.

Cyber espionage is a force hiding in the dark depths of the internet, constantly moving on from one resource to another, just to get their hands on every bit of confidential assets that might give them an advantage.

The fact that it’s nearly impossible to detect, and can cause changes on a global scale is what makes cyber espionage the most dreadful and criminal act of all.

Forms of Cyber-Espionage Attack

Cyber espionage is not just about a targeted attack on a system that targets information. Many other forms of cyber espionage can also work in favor of the entities involved in launching the attack. Let’s take a look at a list of the primary ones, before diving into details.