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Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was introduced in 1996 for all health-care organizations to protect personal health information related to a patient under the organization's care. We can help you with:

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The most simple and cost-efficient way to determine the state of regulatory compliance is to have a consultant perform a compliance assessment of your organization. If there are any shortcomings in your current state of the company, you may require immediate HIPAA compliance, especially if you are one of the health care providers.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. It is United States legislation which acts on implementing data privacy and security measures to safeguard medical information. This act is especially important because of the increase in health data breaches from cyber attacks. The fundamental goal of HIPAA is to make it easier to maintain health insurance, and ensure confidentiality and security of healthcare information.

  • In case of HIPAA Compliance, the Office for Civil Rights- OCR from the Department of Health and Human Services- HHS is the governing body. HIPAA exists for individuals and professionals. You require HIPAA compliance if you belong to the category of business associates or covered entity and deal with Protected Health Information–PHI. Covered entities include healthcare clearinghouses such as billing services, health plans such as Medicare or company health plans, and health care providers such as surgeons.
  • HIPAA allows you to set rules on who can view and access your health data. This applies to all forms of an individual’s protected health information, including written, oral, and electronic. It is extremely critical to manage your health information securely while being handled by covered entities and business associates. Business associates include medical equipment companies and medical transcription services.
  • HIPAA ensures no misuse of your private health information by any third party and protects individuals’ health data from cyber-attacks. With HIPAA, an individual can access and restrict sharing of such private information, and receive notifications when their information is being shared. Individuals can see their medical records as well as apply corrections to these records.

Steps of Our HIPAA Consulting Services

Our HIPAA consulting services follow these steps to ensure your organization has complete HIPAA compliance.


HIPAA Entity Identification

For any healthcare organization to have complete HIPAA compliance, the company must have physical, network, and process security barriers. HIPAA-covered entities include:

  • Business partners
  • Operation
  • Payment
  • Subcontractors
  • Treatment


Preliminary Risk Identification

Our professional team of experts will perform an in-depth analysis to receive a high-level assessment of all the risks and vulnerabilities. This primary check allows us to determine our steps for further investigation to make sure your website is well within the HIPAA-compliant boundaries.


PHI Inventory

Protected Health Information (PHI) can include any kind of record related to an individual patient’s health. To fall under PHI, the following criteria must be met:

  • The patient is identifiable through the data that is stored.
  • The patient data is only disclosed to a covered entity during the care of the patient

With a complete PHI inventory check, we can take into account all the PHI that is currently in your system, along with their integrity.



Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP) establishes that all practices taking place in the organization need to clarify their privacy policies to all patients and potential clients. We work with your organization to implement NPP to full disclosure of the uses of PHI to all patients. We also work on defining the right of a patient to access and amend their medical information.


Security Risk Assessment

In the case of a security risk assessment, our team always prioritizes procedures that work as a perfect balance between cost-effective and optimal. Even when working with a cost-effective solution, our assessments are always thorough, and we leave no stone unturned to figure out every possible security loophole to reduce risk. There is also a breach notification rule which enforces that all patients must be notified in the event of any data leak that may occur within the organization.


Security Review

Once the risk assessment for HIPAA security is done, we do a complete review of the entire risk assessment report to identify points where the system can be improved.


Security Test Design

Once the risk assessment is complete, we move on to designing a new security infrastructure if needed. The new design is then scrutinized by developers, who follow a strict checklist to ensure that every aspect of the new security system has been covered.


Vulnerability Analysis

After designing the new security system, we perform vulnerability tests (e.g. penetration testing) from both the inside and outside perspectives to determine the overall strength of the new security system.


Remedy Recommendations

Once the test is done and one or more vulnerabilities have been identified, we’ll create a detailed document that will describe and justify all the possible remedies for each existing security gap.


Security And Vulnerability Management Planning

Based on the previous assessments and reports, our security specialists will develop and provide a security and vulnerability management plan which will help your organization stay compliant with HIPAA regulations.


Documentation Templates

We at TechForing believe in complete transparency. To ensure there’s no communication gap between both parties, we’ll provide you with detailed documentation about all our required policies and procedures for you to develop a deep understanding of current HIPAA policies. To help you further with continued compliance, we will also provide you with templates for all HIPAA-related documentation.

We incorporate these guidelines and provide immediate remediation based on HIPAA standards.

Collaborate With Our HIPAA Consultant For Complete Compliance,hipaa consultant


Whether you are a CE(Covered Entity) or one of the BAs (Business Associates), it is a must for you to train all your employees to follow the standard policies and procedures based on HIPAA compliance. To make sure your company is maintaining HIPAA compliance, we’ll arrange employee training so all your business associates consider you as a credible company.

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Why Choose Us

  • As one of the most reliable service providers, we take pride in our responsibility to establish your organization as fully compliant with HIPAA rules and regulations.
  • Our HIPAA compliance consultant team will provide you with constant support and guidance to ensure the process to achieve HIPAA compliance goes smoothly.
  • Our HIPAA consulting services firm is designed to be completely transparent, so you don’t have to worry about any hidden costs. Also, our resource allocation methods allow us to reduce costs, so the overall expense of achieving HIPAA compliance is cost-effective while performing the best industry practices.
  • The security infrastructure we build can be considered state-of-the-art, and we maintain all your data in full confidentiality.
  • After utilizing the entirety of our HIPAA compliance consulting services, your IT system will go through a complete restructuring and reinforcement along with the necessary technical safeguards in place. This will prove your organization to be not only compliant but also competent.

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