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TechForing Ltd. is a premier team of certified professionals. Primarily, we provide soultions in the digital technology industry. We provide information technology solutions not only for technical, engineering, but also for data security industry. The variety of digital services we offer, which is to address critical and complex technology needs. By using our service, many of our clients achieve success in the verticals of consumer products, business, energy, and financial services.

For years, we’ve remained committed to delivering quality service to individuals, small business owners, and enterprises alike. Our information technology solutions are proven and repeatable. Most importantly, our team uses a data security approach that synergistically integrates People, Process, and Platform. Also, we place a strong focus on our client’s requirements. Additionally employing streamlined methodologies, and providing best-of-class service.

The cutting edge leadership you need to consult with you or manage your online team is available. We take pride in our ability to provide seamless integration with no disruption to your workflow. Our teams work in various locations, mainly Istanbul, Dhaka and Virginia. Moreover, our team consists of certified professionals with over 15 years of experience in our specific digital services.

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We worked with TechForing Ltd. in several Atlassian® JIRA® and Agile Training related projects. Great team to work with. Very detail oriented!

Justin Leader
CEO and Agile ScrumMaster, HyperVelocity Consulting

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