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Professional Training

The Certified Cybersecurity Professional (CCSP) course helps to develop the skills in the cybersecurity field with practical hands-on experience.

No previous experience or specific educational background needed to do this course

Fundamentals of Ethical Hacking, Mobile Device Security, Basic Network Security, Wireless Security and other advance level topics of Ethical Hacking

You can start your career as a Cybersecurity Specialist in any company or you can choose an online freelancing career.

IT Background is not mandatory

Our course modules are quite close to CEH certification. So, you can also prepare for the CEH exam by doing this course. We help our students with proper guidelines to earn high-level security certifications.

Yes, you can also apply for any jobs internationally with our certification.

Corporate Training

There are two categories for Corporate Training Module. One for IT Professionals and another cybersecurity awareness program for non-IT Professionals. Please Download our Corporate Cybersecurity Training Module here (link curriculum link).

Please contact us and our sales representative will get in touch.

It depends on the level and type of course. Cybersecurity Awareness Program from Non-IT Professionals run for 5 working days where other programs for IT professionals can run from 2 to 8 weeks.

Within 3 business days after confirmation.

Yes, we work with Non-Profit organizations and happy to serve a cause. Please contact us to know if your organization is eligible to redeem our free training.

Educational Instituion Training

The designed training program for educational institutions includes security awareness and hands on practical modules to build career in cybersecurity for next generation.

The training can be provided for both students, the IT Department and other staff.

Normally 1 week to 8 weeks depending on the program. Please contact us for detailed information.

In their own university.

The cost structure depends on the program. Please contact us to find out more in detail.

Yes, we provide a free training program and arrange free seminars for special educational institutes. Please contact us to know if your organization is eligible to redeem our free training.

Law Enforcement Training

Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving domain. We provide up to date techniques, tools, and materials to enhance LE professional's skills in cybersecurity.

Upon request, a trial class can be conducted.

We have courses at all levels. Please get in touch to know more in detail.

TechForing provides certification under its own brand name.

We have regional offices in four countries (USA, UK, Turkey, BD) and have all necessary permissions/ licenses from all respectable government bodies.

It depends on the client's choice. We can facilitate both.

We have cybersecurity experts worldwide with top security certifications like C|EH, CHFI, CISA, CISSP, Security+


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