Architecture Design

TechForing is a group of experts with the best minds to provide you with the most customized Linux environment for your company and business. Expert support is provided in designing the architecture from scratch to meet all of your requirements. Your business needs will be analyzed thoroughly and only the most suitable features will be added. We will also remove unnecessary features as they may be a potential threat to your growing business. Your current Linux environment can be organized as well, and updated according to your specific needs.

While designing your architecture, we make sure to provide you with key performance features such as high security, reliability, scalability, cost-effective performance, and high availability. Detailed consultation is provided regarding customization, to ensure the optimal Linux implementation for your business. Every technological area of our customers’ needs is covered, including; databases, web servers, mobile application servers, networking services, office services, enterprise application servers, desktop applications, customized firewall security settings, backup and recovery services, and encryption settings.An evaluation is performed on your infrastructure to check for compatibility issues of your databases with web servers, and to provide database optimization. All of our architectural designs are highly customized and optimized to achieve high performance for your business needs.

Server Configuration

We will quickly set up the networking environment you need in order to host your web services. Our aim is to provide you with the best and fastest server configuration services, saving you from the tedious task of writing many of the lines of commands. Our services range from server configurations for LAMP Stack & LEMP Stack, to others such as email servers, FTP servers, VOIP servers, game servers, etc.

As there are many Linux distributions, choosing the best server and distribution for your business can be a problematic task that needs expert advice. The team at TechForing will help you choose the Linux server distribution that is best suited for your business needs. One of our key services is to keep the server updated by applying all of the new updates available. We also value your security, so we make sure to enhance the security of your server.

We can help you set up any of the Linux servers, ranging from easy to use servers such as SUSE, Oracle Linux, and CentOS, to the most expert ones including ClearOS and Ubuntu. Support is also provided to manage web application servers, mobile backend servers, and much more.


In order to save your time and improve your work efficiency, we provide automation services. We can help you automate your daily and frequent tasks, so you can spend your valuable time on other productive ideas. TechForing always aims to provide zero errors and efficient services.

We can automate all of your Linux environments by providing you with custom made Shell Scripts. Shell scripts are a very powerful tool available in Linux that can help automate almost every Linux task. We support shells such as Bourne shell, Bash, C shell, TCSH, and Korn shell. Custom scripts are also provided for automatic maintenance, monitoring, backups, updates, and for scheduling services to help you keep an eye on the results of your frequent tasks. We also support daemons like Cron to set up your Cron jobs, as per your business needs. Automation service for database backups is also available with fully customized scripts.

Cloud automation is also provided. A variety of scripts are used to help you set up your Cloud environment efficiently and in a timely manner. Customized automation scripts for automatic configurations of different web services are also available at TechForing.

Performance Tuning

Our team aims to provide you the best performance services to give your enterprise an optimal environment for work. We support all Linux distributions, as well as, all customized environments. We keep tabs on the bottlenecks in your environment and provide high performance solutions for them. Thorough tuning and monitoring of your web services and mobile backend services is performed.

Support is also provided to optimize your database servers for the best memory efficiency and speedy access. Servers will be optimized by changing the size of the cache to the most optimal for your DB servers, web servers, file servers, email servers, ftp servers, etc.

Kernel optimization, CPU resources utilization, and load balancing are also performed by our experts. Your networks will be monitored for network issues by analyzing the packet flows and solving your network issues. I/O are keenly monitored by our experts to ensure that the information flow between CPU and I/O stays optimal. We also evaluate your memory management needs and set up your RAM, virtual memories, cache, and secondary memory accordingly. Your file partition system is fine-tuned, and the information flow between secondary and main memory is improved.

Server Hardening

Highly skilled professionals at TechForing are aiming to provide the best services that are out there for server hardening. In the business world, you can never ignore the need of hardening your server, especially in a Linux environment as it is open source. Our experts will keep an eye on all of the potential threats that are happening in the vast world of the Internet, and strengthen your cyber shields to protect your server against attacks.

Deep analysis will be performed on your servers for potential vulnerabilities, and your security and password policies will be updated accordingly. Network security will be provided by hardening your Secure Shell (SSH) and firewall policies, and by closing unused ports.

Your servers will be scanned thoroughly for all kinds of potential threats such as Rootkits, RATS, backdoors, viruses, and malware. Security is assured against attacks including the infamous DDoS, Brute force attack, and DNS attacks. Your file managing policies will be updated by equipping them with the most suitable and strongest authentication mechanism. Auto-updates will be disabled, allowing only for manual updates to be performed after careful scrutiny. We will also provide remote login authentication securities.


Proper maintenance of systems is one of the key parameters in keeping your business out of trouble and running smoothly. Therefore, we provide maintenance services in multiple areas. Our maintenance covers all kinds of servers, their configurations, and data maintenance. Besides this, we also provide database maintenance, operating system maintenance, networkmaintenance, website maintenance, etc.We carefully plan your maintenance plans. The information flow of your system, both in-flow and out-flow, is carefully monitored to keep an eyeout for any suspicious activity. Our experts also provide Linux networking maintenance.
Your daily maintenance reports are examined by our team. Necessary updates, security patches, corrections of misconfigurations, and suspicious activity detection like malware and viruses and their elimination are done as a security maintenance. Depending upon the sensitivity of your business infrastructure, we also perform regular security audits where we scan through your whole system and network to look for any malicious activity. We keep a close eye on daily logs and help manage your system effectively. Assistance is provided for scheduled monitoring by installing a combination of multiple scheduling tools. We also use automatic scripts to communicate with your servers and to generate maintenance reports. We can also look into your architecture and help you keep it maintained and updated to incorporate newer technologies.


Backup Service is an invaluable service for the survival of every business and start-up. In the case of an unfortunate disaster, only a meticulously planned backup service comes to rescue. We at TechForing, only offer backup services that have been methodically planned specifically for your business. The plans are not only effective, but are also being managed on a regular basis and upgraded to cater to your growing technological needs.

We can help you with schedule backups. Our solutions span domains such as website backup, database backup, server configurations and settings backup, file backups, network configuration backups, and much more. Depending on the sensitivity of the data, we trigger backups on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. We help you keep your backup data safe, from a remote location, so it stays safe during any physical disaster.Incremental backup services are also available at TechForing, in which your previous weekly backups are added to your current backup. This ensures that all of your updated data stays safe, and at one place. These backups are then installed in cases of misconfigurations, data loss, or any other physical system tragedy.We also provide support in physical backups such as disk backups, as well as, virtual data such as cloud.

Disaster Recovery

The team of experts at TechForing provide interventions to quickly recover your system in case of unwanted loss or disasters. We meticulously plan your back-up and recovery system to ensure the least down time in case of any mishap. Multiple techniques are applied to protect and restore the working condition of your system.

Our team includes experts in using multiple backup and disaster recovery tools such as Symantec Corp and Backup Exec. We use highly sophisticated Bash scripts for loss recovery, including ReaR (Relax and Recover), to integrate with many other recovery packages such as IBM Corp, CommVault, etc. For the purpose of image cloning and regular backups, SBAdmin is used.

Assistance is provided to you in bare-metal recovery of your system. Besides file recovery, we also provide cloud based recovery solutions and help you mend your lost servers as quickly as possible. As we all know, disaster recovery can be a slow process; however, TechForing values your time and budget, and will choose the most efficient and effective tools to ensure a fast recovery of your system.

Cloud VPS Administration

Virtual Private Servers have a lot of benefits in today’s online world. They provide you all the benefits of servers, but at cheaper rates. Most of the VPS are Linux based, so it is important to be able to manage and configure those servers to your needs. TechForing is available to manage your VPS for you, and provide you with monthly reports regarding any issues and updates.

Since there are a lot of VPS services available, consultation is provided to help you choose the optimal plan for your business. Your current system is evaluated and checked for the feasibility of available hosting services to choose the best VPS. Our team has expertise in well-known VPS web hosting services such as Godaddy, Hostwind, DreamHost, HostGator, Liquid Web, etc. We help you with the initial installment, configurations, and setting up of your VPS to run optimally. One of our key services is to optimize your current VPS plans.

Our team at TechForing can help you set up any kind of servers. We coordinate with your providers to ensure the best services. We provide support for popular VPS control panels such as SolusVM, HyperVM, and web hosting control panels such as cPanel, DirectAdmin, InterwWrox, etc.


In case of data loss, or corrupted data, solutions for fast system restoration are provided. We carefully plan our client’s solutions from the very start and maintain a check and balance on data flow. Regular back-up plans are executed and your systems are maintained at optimal conditions. System restoration services are provided in case of unforeseen mishaps.

We also provide services for server restoration. We can help you obtain a previous, correct configuration of your server in case something goes wrong. With carefully planned backup systems, full restoration of your server to a previous working state is delivered.

Linux is a platform where you can easily change or misconfigure the very important services, such as network services, therefore we provide restoration of Linux Network Configurations and other important packages as needed. Apart from these services, we can also restore system volume information, data present in your database, and files from your systems.

Your system infrastructure will be carefully monitored, and in case of any accidental damage, we will make sure to restore it quickly for our clients, with the least down time.


In order to keep up with the pace of the world, many times it requires to update the overall system technology. In such delicate cases, everyone wants to achieve risk-proof migration. TechForing ensures zero data loss and a risk-free migration service.

Support is provided for multiple migrations, such as server migration, which includes all types of web servers, mailing servers, gaming servers, VOIP servers, etc. We also provide database migration that includes updating the database to a newer version, and changing the entire platform (e.g. from MySQL to MongoDB, Oracle, etc.). Services for file system migration and migration of mail data to a new mail server is also provided, as well as, the website migration and other data migrations as well.

Assistance is provided in migrating your entire system from one OS to another (e.g. from Linux to Windows), while making sure all of the software dependencies and compatibility issues are solved. Careful backup of the system is maintained before migration, and we also carefully monitor the process to ensure zero data loss.

Monthly Analysis

Monthly analysis is another one of our key services where we provide full support with maintenance, monitoring, backup, restore and recovery, schedule check-ups, security audits and more. This is done to provide us with a detailed, deep analysis of your system.

Our analysis gives you a comprehensive picture of how your system has been performing for the last month. With our monthly analysis report, you can easily identify the factors that are slowing down your business, as well as, the factors that are boosting your service. You can also look at all the technical details such as server configurations, details of database management system, updates, security patches, etc.

Our reports provide you with a complete performance analysis. With our monthly analysis service, you can evaluate the performance of your system every month. We keep track of al monthly analysis, so that a comparison can be made to find major factors effecting the company. Our analysis also includes technical suggestions from experts to boost your services,such as by updating a certain infrastructure, or increasing the CPU performance.Also provided with our monthly analysis, are the details of crashes and downtimes and their implications.Any suspicious activity or flaws in the network are also reported during these check-ups.

Platforms we support






Oracle linux


Arch linux

Our Key Features


Through our years of practical experience and knowledge, TechForing provides customers the satisfaction and pleasure of error-free solutions. Due to our expertise in the field, our customers trust us with their jobs, and we always measure up to their trust.


Our technical staff takes pride in their abilities to provide first-rate solutions to their customers. We strive for excellence in every service and support that we provide. We aim to build the trust and confidence of our customers, to ensure a fulfilling long-term partnership.

Fast Turnaround

Our team at TechForing is always available to cater your needs. Our customers’ business continuity and time is of the utmost value to us. Therefore, we provide fast services. You can trust us to solve your problems and ensure minimum down time to your business, avoiding consequential losses.

Data Center Service

TechForing takes pride in its highly efficient data center service. Our data centers are maintained and updated on regular basis to provide quality performance to our partners. We closely monitor our data centers to provide high maintenance and high performance services.

Managed Systems

TechForing’s experts have many years of experience in administration. We provide you with stronger management to keep your business running smoothly. All the bottlenecks in your administration are tackled and improved to provide highly accomplished solutions.

Hosting Solutions

We value the needs of our customers, and provide them with hosting solutions. Our consultation and technical staff helps them choose outstanding hosting services. Our plans are cost effective and highly customized to cater to all of the business needs of our clients.


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