In a present world we all are somehow connected and dependent on modern technology, either individually or as an organization. We share tons of sensitive information every second throughout the internet but have we ever thought about the security of this information ?  What would happen if your personal , financial  or  organizational data gets stolen ? Nothing to be worried about unless you are already a victim of a malicious hacker. No matter if you are an individual, a large enterprise or a government agency , we provide wide range of security related services tailored to your exact needs.

what we offer

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our key features

Deep Security Testing

Our experienced Security Specialists follow industry standard methods to perform penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, black box, and white box testing.  We take our time to understand the system and find the loop-holes, even in the most secure environments.

Crime Investigation

Are you already the victim of a malicious hacker?  Has your personal or organizational data been compromised?  Is someone threatening you online?  Do you want us to find out who is behind this?  No problem!  Our experienced Forensic Investigators will thoroughly investigate your case, and bring the criminal to justice!


Our certified Ethical Hackers and Security Specialists are ready to educate your employees in regards to security, to make sure they are up-to-date, and able to handle sensitive data.  We also train individuals for personal security, and can prepare you for your certifications like C|EH, CISA, CISSP, Security+ etc

High Level Protection

We don’t only fix all of the vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, we also make sure to add an extra layer of protection to prevent attacks. With this protection, your sensitive information will be safe and hack-proof! Our Protection level is high enough to disappoint any hackers!

Immediate Rescue

Are malicious hackers attacking your website, network or business?  Are you being attacked by DDOS, buffer overflow, or any other kind of malware?  Do you need immediate help?  Our Security Specialists are ready, on short notice, to jump into action to save your reputation and precious data!  Contact us now for help!

24/7 Support

We provide 24/7 support to all of our clients.  Our team of professionals have an eye on your infrastructure day and night, and are ready to help at any moment!

We ensure the security in your Cyber World.

our approach

✓ Vulnerability Assessment

✓ Penetration Testing 

✓ Malware & Virus Scanning

✓ Forensic Investigation

✓ Comprehensive Report


✓ Consultation

✓ Compliance

✓ Training

✓ Monitoring



✓ Fix  and Patch All Findings

✓ Remove Malware & Viruses

✓ Hack Recovery

✓ Take Necessary Actions

✓ Add Extra Layer of Security


✓ Certification

✓ Security Maintenance

✓ 24/7 Support


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An advanced step towards security can help avoid unnecessary damages.